Three randoms for Wednesday…because I got wordy and five would have been too much <3


I can’t blame my brain fog on too much sugar because nary a jelly bean nor a Reese’s Egg was consumed this Easter by yours truly. 

I am also adequately caffeinated and fairly rested so that can’t be the issue and I had my hair done yesterday which gives me a bonus day today because hairdressers use unicorn magic and whatever they do with the sprays and gels and hairdryer makes me look like I have a legitimate hair style two days in a row so…there’s that going for me. 

But it just seems on this overcast day with a zillion things to do in the next 48 hours that we need a dose of randoms….so here we go in no particular order:


<3 Just as surely as I love to embrace Lent as a time of reflection and inner soul cleansing and Easter as a time of joyful celebration, the week after has me reflecting on the post-Resurrection week accounts in Scripture. 

Peter’s restoration. Thomas’s doubting. Jesus popping in and out of rooms, cooking and eating fish…all of it. 

Right down to the two angels standing in front of the slack jawed disciples as Jesus nail scarred feet slid farther up into the clouds and the way he addresses them so matter of factly…

Why are you staring up into heaven….He is gone just like He told you. And He will come back…just like He said.

I can relate. 

When I hear God’s voice it is usually direct, to the point and effective to make me move forward and do something. 


<3 Speaking of not eating chocolate on Easter. (I warned you this was going to be random)

I finally got serious about changing some very poor eating patterns and signed up for the Weight Watchers app on my phone. 

It has helped me become aware of how unhealthy my choices had become and has not in any way diminished my love of all things fried and caloric. 

However, I am finding healthy alternatives to some of my favorites and yesterday I would have loved to have eaten an entire Italian meal but satisfied that with the following little made up recipe that I am going to share with you. 

And no. 

This is not becoming a health nor a food blog…it was just yummy and easy and so I am sharing.

I sliced a Zucchini in half and then thin slices down the length – so not circles…

I sprayed a pan with store brand pam and lined it with the slices.

I quartered a handful of cherry tomatoes and laid on top of the slices followed by about a half cup of precooked turkey sausage (in the bacon aisle at the grocery).

I topped this with about three pinches of low fat Mozzarella cheese and dusted with oregano and basil. I baked at 350 for maybe 20 minutes. 

It totally satisfied my pizza/lasagna craving. 


I loved it and it made my heart happy. 

Dairy free friends…use goat cheese. 


<3 The thing about randoms is, I understand I jump from the trivial to the very serious and important and I apologize for the abrupt shift, but I am still shocked and stunned by the horrible loss of life in Sri Lanka on Easter. 

Over 350 dead. 

If you are unfamiliar with the events, please google and pray for this country. 

I am also stunned and shocked by how little we read or hear of it as opposed to when more “popular” tragedies occur. 

It makes me realize that there is a system in place for promoting news stories and often an agenda in how and what the events in and around the world are delivered to us. 

Ever more the need to pray for wisdom and discernment as we filter through all that we are told and all that is kept from being told. 

Live wisely friends. 

Even the sympathies towards the burning of Notre Dame have now become a huge controversy as critics rise on both sides of people’s responses around the world.

It is easy to get caught up in “trendy news” and get all worked up about something because it is being marketed in a way that plays on our emotions. 

I have been known, more often than I care to admit, to get on a soapbox about something that I was mis- or under-informed on. 

As we take in the news each day, it would probably be best to respond first by praying for the situations that are concerning us and seek God’s direction for how best (if at all) our activity and words should be added to the fire. 

Blessings to you <3 

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  1. Laura, check out this book, “Praying the News” by Craig von Buseck and Wendy Griffiths. It’s older, but I think you can still find it in some form.

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