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Outtakes from the Journey <3


Do you love when movies or shows play the bloopers at the end? 

The imperfect flubs that happened in putting together the unflawed movie or show we just got so wrapped up in?

Those serious and talented actors messing up their lines and falling into fits of giggles?

It puts all the drama into perspective and helps us realize we are all playing on the level ground of humanity. 

Last week I really wanted to honor God in a non-distracted way for your visits to this little slice of the internet. 

I wanted to help you and me maintain our focus in a devotional way and reflect on Christ alone, but I today I wanted to share a couple of bloopers from the Journey.

One was last Thursday when I had all four kiddos for the entire rainy day and decided we needed to get out of the house since unbeknownst to them, they were arising before the crack of dawn to drive to an airport and fly to Austin for Easter. 

We loaded up and headed to the Children’s Museum.

As we pulled into the parking lot three school buses were dumping a bazillion kids out to line up and head on in to the same square footage. 

Lola switched her mind right quick and before we unbuckled, the van pulled out and headed to the library. 

My crew wasn’t too excited but I built it up pretty big and as we pulled into the parking lot, I decided to take advantage of an end spot to save at least one side of the car from door dings. 

I pulled Caroline out of her car seat and headed around to get the boys when I realized the rear tire was precariously perched somewhat on…somewhat off of a curb. 

A mom was getting ready to unload her kids one space over so I asked her if she could hold Caroline while I backed the van off the curb and parked better. 

I am not sure who’s face looked sicker…mine or hers as we heard the sound of the bottom side of the van hit the curb..but I am pretty sure it was mine. 

The van was stuck solidly on the concrete with the front tire one quarter down in the muddy muck just in front of the dang thing. 

I took Caroline, pulled three curious boys out onto the sidewalk, called the tow truck…FaceTimed Rachel on accident…she was at work…didn’t answer thankfully, snapped a pic and my phone died. 

So there we stood. 

Waiting in the drizzle. 

Afraid to get back in the van. 

Praying for the tow truck to come.


Borrowing another woman’s phone to call mom as I knew by now she was worried as to why I would call her at work. 

Long story short – the truck came…they have towing insurance…the guy who pulled us out already knew who we were because Rachel used to work with his wife and the wife had warned him we were special customers and there was no damage to the van.

We were the heroes of the young moms in the library once we finally were able to go in and find a charging station. 

The mom who had held Caroline confessed she did the same thing a couple of week’s ago. These young gals gave me a huge pep talk about being willing to have all four out even if everything had gone well and one offered to go get me any beverage of my choice.


There were plenty of other things that went down to keep us humble and remind us life is a marathon not a sprint, but I want to share with you that even as I wrote daily and sincerely about Jesus who has my whole heart…there were moments when my faith did not feel strong. 

Sometimes I doubt His power…sometimes I doubt His willingness…sometimes I doubt His goodness…sometimes I let all that I can see with my eyes be all that there is. 

Last night I had some extra drive time and I listened to a couple of Easter sermons from different churches. 

As I listened, my faith was built up, so after the amen I just rode in silence and I asked God why I can’t feel that faith-filled all the time. 

And in the dark amongst the headlights of fellow travelers, the truth of that statement we all like to make but struggle to understand anchored a little more solidly in my soul.

We walk by faith and not by sight. 

Truth is not changed by how I “feel.”

I have no more “faith” when I am feeling strong then I do when I am feeling weak.

My faith is not based on my feelings at any given moment. 

When we are all gathered in the fellowship of believers on a Sunday morning or standing alone in the market place of scoffers on Monday, our faith is unmoved by how we “feel.”

Maybe you need to hear that today. 

Your faith is not dependent on your current situation. 

If you have received Christ and have passed through the waters of His baptism…your condition is saved, your position is secured. 

You are a child of God. 






Born again into an unshakable faith…even when your knees are shaking and your feelings are screaming anything but the truth. 

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  1. laughing and crying at the same time. I needed to hear my position today! (I guess that is why I am reading this a day late!)
    Lots of love to you!

  2. I love this so much. You have been given a precious gift of writing and connecting your heart and faith through the messy lives we lead.

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