Thursday Randomness….


For some reason I am a day off and I don’t even have a holiday to blame. So I am throwing out some randoms and hoping for an extra Friday since I seem to missing a day and Fridays are always fun. 



I have decided that even though the seasons are capricious at best and cruel at worst here in the Midwest, I definitely need them in my life. 

Clear cut seasons where all of a sudden I am walking down the street one day and all the trees are filled in and the grass is green and the days of sunshine are long and I realize it was a blink ago that the same trees were stark black against brown grass. 

I need blazing hot days and high humidity so that I appreciate the crisp fall. I need the marvels of frost and snow and the way a pool can turn the worst of attitudes around in children. 

Seasons and the way they don’t play nice sometimes remind me I have no control over so many things that I have to learn to adapt to and live with. 



Speaking of walking, this is a public service announcement to all of us who are over 60. 

Taking time to exercise and move and stretch whatever you can move and stretch is not a luxury. It is a necessity. I have to remind myself that I DO have time to move because like eating right and hygiene, this is part of health care that keeps me able to serve and live that abundant life. 

It is harder when physical activity is not something you love. Believe me. But the more I get out and walk, bike, do the little weights and stretches, the better I feel and the more I am inclined to continue. 

Besides, being outside is good for the soul and outlook. 



And last of all, my cousin Betty invited me to a ten day challenge of sharing a picture a day without words of being a grandma. I kind of didn’t want to do it, but am so glad I did. 

It has been a great reason to scroll back through the 14,000 plus pictures and videos on my phone and brought back so many happy memories. It also has been a reminder of how fast time flies and to enjoy every minute. 

Also it makes me realize that time has flown because it has been filled with so much good things. And I am thankful

Have a blessed Thursday! Or Wednesday…or whatever day it is <3

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