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Thursday Thought…

So I’ve been attending this exercise class, but I’m not sure I want to keep it up.


First of all, the girl that leads it is a triathlete.


There is no way I can ever be in the shape she is in.

Also, I don’t like the music. It’s not a style that I would choose for exercise.

Then there’s the people in the class.

I think some of them are hypocrites.

Sure they come in exercise clothes and attempt to do all the movements, but I have heard some of them talk about eating cookies and desserts and blowing off class next week to meet a friend for lunch.

The worst part is that even though I have been attending for months, every time it seems the instructor finds a new muscle that is out of shape in me.

It’s like she has studied me and knows just where my sedentary life has caused deterioration.


I also have a sneaking suspicion she knows that I eat cookies and sweets too; and she is out to eliminate those pockets of flab that I try to hide underneath loose fitting sweaters.

Today, I was pretty sure I was going to wave that white towel I use to keep my hair from getting matted to the mat and just walk out and never come back….when I realized that I was able to perform a real sit up.

For the first time in my life.

Honestly (I flunked the President’s Physical Fitness Test every year) my hands actually touched my toes AND extended a little bit beyond….


While the part about the perfect sit up accomplishment is true, the rest of the story is actually stuff I pretty much made up just to point out that….

it sounds a bit like how some people talk about church, doesn’t it?

And like church…yes…

the pastors are often advanced in the knowledge of Scripture beyond what we could attain short of quitting our jobs and entering seminary.

The people around us, including us, are not perfect…far from it!

The music isn’t always our favorite.

And the sermons sometimes prod at some places we would rather leave buried…but if our desire is to grow in our faith, exercise our spiritual muscles and lose that unwanted flesh…then church is the place we need to be.


God bless you as you work out your salvation with awe and trembling in fellowship with the rest of us….all works in progress….as we journey onward <3

A special thanks for your comments yesterday which I LOVED!!! I responded so check back to comments section of yesterday’s post…you all are precious!! 

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  1. I just knew this was leading to something besides quitting exercise class! Good tie in! From another “work in progress”!

    1. Yep…you got me figured out. I was kind of lamenting the music the day I wrote that and then realized my taste of music was not the point and from there … it just kind of wrote itself <3

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