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Whatever happened to my cake?


I mentioned yesterday how we have some special birthdays at the start of summer every year.

We have some other birthdays that have been happening for a much longer time and to be honest have lost a bit of their luster.

As in…Russ and me…and our summer birthdays.


Somewhere along the way as we started getting all excited over our own little offspring’s birthdays we got caught up in theme parties…

Where’s Waldo? – with a life size poster of Waldo…and probably a rousing game of  a “Tape on his Binoculars” version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey

101 Dalmatians, or some other dog theme… because I know we looked for Milk Bones hidden all over the yard and most likely had Puppy Chow for snacks

The Picnic at the Zoo – where we transported treats and birthday paraphernalia in sweltering summer heat

The party at McDonalds – same idea….different menu and air conditioning…bonus.

Crayola Crayon party – because, hey, even I can make a cake shaped like a box of crayons. And they had plastic cups with cone shaped lids that looked like…you know…crayons. So a no-brainer that year.

The Space Jam party – where we played basketball, wore our favorite team jerseys and loaded up on sugar and then watched…no surprise here…Space Jam.

There are more but I have blanked out…too much sugar, too little sleep, too much debt at Party Warehouse.

This was back in the days before Pinterest, basically the dark age, where moms had to check out books from the library in an effort to one-up the last party you hosted.


And then, with all the parties and the days flying by, we woke up one year and realized that our own birthdays were just not quite as much fun.

When you reach the age when people find out how old you are and immediately start reassuring you that you…surely…

DO NOT look..


at ALL??

Well, my friend.

You have entered a new birthday zone called the Black Hole.

Until you have an almost 3 year old who finds out that you have a birthday just a few months after his and he perks up and asks a question you haven’t been asked in years….

with the most serious face ever he looks me in the eye and asks me what kind of cake am I going to have…


Because when you’re going to be three…the cake is everything.

But it’s been so long since anybody asked me what kind of cake I want…

and I dread telling the little guy, but in my world cake is basically akin to inviting immediate weight gain and an invitation for increased cholesterol…

so I stammer…well…I am not sure I am having a cake.

To which his brother and he both stop in their tracks and stare at me like I have green glowing eyes and have sprouted antlers….


And all of a sudden…

this little kid buried inside me dares to dream again of how fun birthday’s used to be…

how great it was to be another year older ….

and have people sing…

and to blow out candles and to celebrate…



Another year of stuff to look forward to…




And I am rethinking this whole thing…

IMG_2277 (1)

make mine chocolate…


heavy on the calories..

and if you want to add a side of ice cream…

go for it <3


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  1. I keep re-reading this post and marveling at how are family’s lives are intertwined. I am so grateful for the love and friendship we share and especially the laughs!

    1. So love that picture of you all….makes me laugh…especially now that we all really know the wonder that is Emmett <3

  2. I will be 57 years old this year and my birthday is celebrated every year. I love my birthday and all birthdays. I always have. I love my family and presents and I LOVE to be sung to at the restaurant or anywhere. I will stand on a chair if they let me. I am so thankful to be alive to be with my family and friends and celebrate. If I am with any of them on their birthdays, I will make sure they are sung to whether they want to be or not. So go on with your bad self and YES enjoy your birthday. God made you special on that day. Blessings to you. I enjoyed reading.

    1. I LOVE it!!!!!! You made me laugh out loud…literally…as I read this! You have not lost that child – I can see it in your email address!! God bless you dear one – I don’t know how you found this site but you sure made my day!!!~

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