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Today’s thoughts are about a time along ago before we had such a thing as internet email, texting, social media and 24 hour television programming. Yes, I am referring to those ancient times that made up my childhood.

Back in those days, summer would find Carl Lochner’s family in their home-away-from-home; a 31′ Airstream Trailer, loaded to the gills with all the conveniences of home in travel size.

We toured the USA, attended gatherings of other Airstream people and visited friends and family around the country.

Since we connected in-person, we didn’t need clever posts and hilarious Youtube clips.

No, we shared our corny material the old-fashioned way by having such devices on hand for visitors to our traveling micro-home; such as the “Hillbilly Weather Vane” which was a ribbon attached to a clothespin sporting the directions to hang it outside yer window; and a typed piece of paper that said something like, “If the ribbon is dry, it’s sunny; if it’s wet, it’s raining, and if it’s movin’ around, it’s windy”.

I will give you a minute to collect yerself from the laughter.

My dad also had a coaster-shaped cardboard with bold letters TUIT in the center.

It didn’t matter how many times you visited our trailer, my dad would hand that to you and tell you that you could get busy on whatever you were putting off, because now you have a round TUIT.

Get it.

Maybe it’s early, for all the times you say you will do it when you get AROUND TO IT.

All summer. Every year.

Explains me a little better, doesn’t it?

But I have been thinking about that round TUIT this week.

I have several places I could use one in my life. Maybe you do, too….

like getting around to…

finishing some projects I started

reading a couple of books I am halfway through

getting quiet enough with God about some things that I am sorting through that need His healing touch

taking time to address some areas in my heart and attitude that He has convicted me about through recent quiet times

forgiving some people ..

Oh, there are more, but I think you get the point.

I pray for you to receive a round TUIT today for the things you have been putting off.

Let God be your Round TUIT….as you finish well the race marked out for YOU <3

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