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To my friends who are hurting today <3

Sitting in my quiet time this morning, I kept lifting people I know who are hurting.

I could write a long list of precious people who have recently had  an unexpected turn of events that has left them scrambling for solid ground.

A tsunami of change that has wiped out years of dedicated love and service.

Callings that seemingly have been revoked by some force greater than the mind can comprehend.

Relationships severed.

Health interrupted.

Shipwrecked hopes and dreams.

Instead of the natural progression of change that should accompany moving from one season to another, normal life was amputated and these dear ones are suddenly dealing with a grief process that was just not part of the picture.

It is at these times that the “good fight” becomes one where we choose to surrender even more of what has capacity to rule us.







all of these will rear up and surround a saint when we are blind-sided by a blow that levels what we thought life would look like.

But this is where we work it out.

That salvation thing that took place in us that now is being sanctified.

This is the place where we come before the One who made us and who has known all along the turns and twists of the road we would be taking.

This is where we get real with Him and we pour out our hearts…

our tears…

our griefs…

and we let Him pour in.

And He will.

Believe me, He will.

If we will go to Him and tell Him everything He already knows…

He will guide us and lead us into the tomorrow we cannot see.

These are not just “happy thoughts” to get you moving again.

This is T.R.U.T.H.

Our Lord promised He would never ever leave us.

He promised He would be with us through the Presence of His Holy Spirit.

And so in these times when we are staggering to find solid ground again, cry out to Him to be real to you in tangible ways.

Reach out your hand and your heart and allow Him to hold you, to comfort you and then to lead you forward…

one step at a time…

as we…

journey onward <3






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  1. No one is immune from the struggles of life, and I find as I go through ours your blog helps me to see more clearly. Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit to share just what is needed. I have a beautiful, small group of friends here who need this as much as me, so I sent it on to them. I want you to know it was also a blessing to them, and we have decided to journey onward with you and with Christ at the helm. Thank you, dear friend for your words of encouragement. You are loved!

    1. Thank you so very much for these good words of encouragement. Surely you have spoken at His leading because I am praising Him for His faithfulness to give me His words to be used to lift up all who might come across them -that they would feel His strength and His love through whatever sentences I manage to put together. How He loves us that He would call us together to walk this out side by side. His Spirit unites us and we are truly able to find rest in Him alone. Thank you dear friend <3

  2. Thank you for your willingness to remain faithful in your ministry to all of us in the midst of your own struggles. He is faithful. He is the Prince of Peace. He is the Counselor for everyone who comes to Him. In the flesh it is hard for me to figure life out. Only when I put my self in place and rely on Him to take care of my needs or others requests do I find that peace that is beyond my understanding. My heart aches for many at this time. And I choose Him.

    1. Amen, amen, amen <3 He is all of those things and He works it into us. Love Him and love you <3

  3. Thanks for this today. We are burying. Brian’s sister today at 64 yrs old after a 7 month battle with cancer. We rejoice that she was a Christian and no longer suffering

    1. Prayers bathing you all even from yesterday when we saw in paper. It is a comfort when we know our loved ones are with Jesus, but still our hearts ache for missing them. One day we will all be together again. Until then we continue the good fight <3 Blessings on your family <3

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