Just for giggles and so young moms don’t think they are completely crazy…

Rachel told me the other day that every time she changes Caroline and has to remove an outfit, the boys run and grab any cloth nearby and cover her chest.

She wondered if it was out of some kind of modesty issue that they were sensing…

so she asked them as they laid a sloppy wet burp rag over her the other day why they do it.

She said they explained in great seriousness and with eyes wide and hands motioning that Lola had told them baby’s skin is very sensitive and you need to keep them covered from the air.

I told them this once.

When she first came home from the hospital.

Like hours after she came home.

And I was changing her clothes and it was chilly in the house so I laid a blanket over her chest while I got a diaper and wipes.

And they asked me what I was doing and I casually told them that I was just keeping her warm until I could get her dressed again.

I have told them not to walk in landscaping and to stay on the sidewalk a thousand times, but every time they look at me like this is totally new information.

I get a deer in the headlight look when I ask them not to stand on the glass ledge of the fancy sink in the bathroom they use and I have to explain every time…glass..bare feet…you know…could be a bad combo if it broke.

I know for a fact that Rachel and Zach have told them at least twice at every meal since they were old enough to escape the high chair that they need to ask to be excused from the table.

But every time, it’s like it’s the first time.



And yet…that one time…and I only faintly remember the conversation…

and they will forever know deep in their souls that babies need a covering on the chest when having a diaper change.

If I could figure out what it was about the way I said that piece of information…I could write a book and retire on a nice pile of cash from all the moms and dads who have your lectures playing on a loop throughout the day.

Blessings on your sweet, patient hearts

Hang in there…eventually something will stick…

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  1. Wow that is cool. Shows a wonderful thing happening in their heart. Rules can come and go – but protecting their little sister -is not a rule, it’s a heartfelt desire that pours out their love and protection on her – for her well being! Gal. 5:22-23. And the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace….. against such things there is no law. But for the other things – yep – keep repeating!!

  2. Love the mind of little ones. So much wonder, awe, and yes, orneriness, mixed with innocence and love. As Pastor Brian said this weekend, We all need to become more child like in our faith.

    1. Amen to that girl! I kept picturing the way they just move through a day as he was preaching…I personally love that they can have meltdowns and then recover with an ice cream cone….

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