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So scheduling the carpet cleaners on the Monday following Birthday-Palooza seemed like a good idea.

Until I lived the entire day with the moveable contents of three bedrooms, the living room and an office stacked in the kitchen, two bathrooms and on top of large pieces of furniture…ie…our upright piano which is covered in baskets of music, a file box and eight manilla folders of uber important papers I haven’t looked at for years, some assorted books and a small waste basket. 

I ran two box fans on high all day which ramped up all the chaos and disorder of a home that looked like we were having an indoor garage sale with items staged on any hardwood or tiled surface. 

Either that, or like we were fleeing a flood…or the country….which I may have considered doing at various points of the day.

If you haven’t noticed, my mind spends a lot of time on the spin cycle as it is…so I crave order and quiet in my environment as much as I do coffee and dark chocolate. 

Yes…completely turning our house upside down and into a wind tunnel the day after a weekend of mucho socializing and intake of sugar … not one of my brighter moves.

However on an up note, I do believe the Lord has given me a level of maturity and grounding, because I actually managed to talk myself down from blowing off the whole day (no pun intended) and successfully convinced myself that I could function purposefully in the midst of the mess.

I even found it possible to ignore the constant hum of the fans and the annoying whoosh of air around me…


I never did get quite used to that because I was pretty eager to click everything off the minute Russ asked if maybe we could watch the Home Run Derby without having to anchor ourselves to heavy pieces of furniture. 

I exaggerate. 

But only slightly. 

All in all, it was a good day…carpets are clean, I got some things checked off to do list and went to bed without needing therapy. 

Maybe I am maturing…it’s probably about time. 

I know I am setting the bar kind of high, but I am going to attempt to carry on this pattern today…without the fans…stay tuned and I’ll see you tomorrow <3

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