And so 60 is in the books <3


Good Monday Morning to you <3

Our family and a couple of close friends are keeping their phones close in case I need intervention for what they are calling PBLDS….Post Birthday Let Down Syndrome

…but so far I am doing okay.

The fact that I have to move all small pieces of furniture off of all carpeted areas before 9:00 is helping keep the adrenaline rush steady because… the carpet cleaners arrive in a short 48 minutes.

So here’s a quick rundown of how #60 went …

or as my new favorite baker in the whole wide world said it…

the “new 30″….


We kicked off the celebration weekend with our annual “twin birthday dinner” with this sweet one ….


Not the best pic…but not much lighting at The Burg that isn’t neon <3

From then on it was family that feels like friends and friends that feel like family so here are the highlights…


John treated us to late night Escape Room adventure so Zach could join us when he got off work. www.laurareimer.net

We did beat the room with an extra five minute grace gift from the guy who worked there. He said we were so close to beating it and it was only a 10% success rate room so…he had to let us finish it out.

I was maybe a little less than 10% helpful since most of the time I was still trying to finish reading the clue when the rest of the team had solved it, opened the lock and …mooooved on…oh well..it was a blast and I loved every second of it.

All 3,630 of them  <3

Sunday Russ arranged to have brunch for everyone at Tuscany’s…


Thankfully Rachel did not follow her google map…


and it was kinda nice of Caroline to coordinate with my dress…

making her solidly my favorite granddaughter <3


After lunch we came to the house for yard games like…

ball bounce…



empty the cooler…


…because we are fun like that.

We gathered for cake…


at the exact moment my west coast family called to sing to me..

so it was a high tech song fest of silliness..


Please note the first aid kit on the counter because it wouldn’t be a Reimer event without some kind of chaos.

We took a few zillion group photos…

and you may have noticed we are missing Zach, who had to work, and the rest of the Corley bunch…


Couldn’t figure out why all the littles are looking at Tia but she set the timer and then would run back to get in pic…and I think they were just highly impressed with her.

So were we.

But we were too cool to act like it.

Then there was this attempt at a jumping pic..


which proves that John has regained his skillz at imitating Air Jordan…

and no, Sarah is not using a trampoline…

that’s just her…

and once again Joel and Caroline can’t take their eyes off of her…LOL…

And then there is this…


for which I am so very thankful.

Have a happy Monday.

I promise I am going to just settle down now and get on with regular life.

Thanks for celebrating one of the big ones with me <3




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  1. Thanks for sharing one of your big ones with us!! How we all love you Ms.Laura ! So happy your day was all you deserved! ❤️

  2. Happy 60th birthday! I promise it is not fatal, and you look 29 to me anyway! Love you!

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