Two Left Feet


Before we left on vacation, we did that pre-vacation purge and clean. Don’t ask me why except that the thought of something drastic happening while we are gone makes me want to leave the house less cluttered and very clean.

In my active, and dramatic imagination, I want to make sure if anyone enters our home in our absence they won’t be thinking…THIS is how they lived????

So on the Saturday, when I should have been packing, I was gathering up the stacks of clothes and such for Russ to take in to the donation site.

I had thrown in a pair of black flip flops that I had worn and smeared with pink color while hurriedly putting polish on my toes. A trip to Old Navy had provided their replacement so off they went.

Please do not judge me. I am fragile and I know how wrong all of that sounds…Besides; it gets worse.

We put the last of it in the car and he started the engine. I headed back in the house where my new flip flops sat right in the middle of the entry way – because THAT is how we live…and lo and behold, I realized that they were both left foot flip flops!


I ran out the door, waving wildly and caught him just at the end of the drive.

Imagine his joy.

I dug around in the bags and pulled out the two rights-that-made-a-wrong and sent him on his way. Please don’t ask me why I didn’t just exchange them…follow Russ’s example and just chalk it up to me being me. I grow on you. Trust me.

Well, I felt pretty silly in a variety of ways by this time.

Later in the week, I was listening to a very intelligent woman who was being interviewed on the news about the reality that science is now able to clone at such a sophisticated level that, by taking genetic material from the remains of mammoths and using elephants, they could actually bring mammoth populations back.

She pointed out that since mammoths are social, they would have to make several male and female so they could have families. She also detailed why they probably won’t do this because where would we put these mammoths to support all of this social networking of such large animals.

Well, I just stood there with all kinds of thoughts and questions bouncing around in this blonde brain…and here are only a few that I conjured up in mere seconds…

* How cute this little scientist was with her short haircut and perky glasses

* What on earth would cause people to think they know all about mammoths and what they like and how they act from bones?

* How did someone that young get so smart?

*Did science learn NOTHING from the Jurassic Park movies?

* With all that is begging for research, why are we trying to figure out how to bring mammoths back?

* Who do we think we are that we can mess with stuff like this?

* What kind of a mind do people have to even begin to come up with cloning?

And then I thought this thought…the most intelligent thought we think we have…God’s wisdom makes it look like foolishness. (1 Corinthians 1:25)


So basically: a bunch of scientists sitting around figuring out how to take DNA from extinct animals, copy it and make something living, when compared to what God’s thoughts are, is about as foolish as my little flip flop fiasco.

And yet…He has chosen the foolish things of this world to shame the wise…
1 Corinthians 1:27

So He takes a woman with two left feet and not enough sense to take her shoes off to polish her nails to remind you today that His strength is made perfect in our weakness…that He shines His magnificent light through our jars of clay lives…that He who called YOU is faithful…and His glory is being revealed in us as we follow Him.


May God bless us as we seek His wisdom and follow Him with our right foot and our left <3

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  1. Let’s dig up Jesus’ bones and clone him…wait…He is not there! He’s Alive!

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