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Welcome to Friday <3

Wrapping up the week here with some random thoughts and pictures from vacation, so thanks for stopping by…


The following is just a collection of thoughts and photos from the journey…some are just goofy and some are meant to make you think…you decide which is which…

Russ and I enjoyed traveling with my cousin Kenny and his wife Betty. We have been blessed with so many friends-who-feel-like-family, but what a great time we had with family-who-feel-like-friends…

IMG_4352as a point of possible explanation…we were taking a “Happy Birthday to you” photo for Kenny’s dad, my Uncle Theron…and I am guessing Kenny thought it was a video on account of he likes to sing…either that or my hairspray was causing him to hyperventilate.

We toured Fort Sumpter while in South Carolina….IMG_4282

The whole building of the fort is impressive…they hauled rock from the north to create an island and then built the fort. What is left after the Civil War is a structure one third of it’s original size…

IMG_4297 (1)

There is so much history, and yet the unavoidable issue of slavery…how it came about…why it came about…and it boggles the mind that people thought it was okay to just grab people out of their native land and drag them across the ocean to work in their fields.

IMG_4300I read that it was the only way they could afford to operate the large plantations to produce product that was in demand.

I confess it makes me wonder about our current voracious appetite for new and better clothing, housewares and electronics at “affordable” prices that come from across the sea…often made in sweat shops in other countries and I wonder if we have really learned anything at all from history.

Thankfully, the people of Charleston have learned from recent history…IMG_4201and we saw evidence all over the city of hospitality and a community united to heal and move forward from events of this summer.  (See Wednesday’s post “When we just have to ask why”)

Then there is the amazing phenomenon of…IMG_4381fried green tomatoes with Tasso ham on grits…oh my…I would endure the mind-numbing humidity just to have another plate of them.

Russ headed back to home on Thursday … he had a date with some people to go to a Cardinal game on Sunday…(photo by Becky Guynn)IMG_4699I don’t let anybody look at my husband like that nor him back at them…but this one…I’m more than okay with…<3

But I missed him…and he missed this amazing sunset in Charlotte..IMG_4577

Kenny, Betty and I watched the sky go from the palest of pinks to increasingly vibrant color…at one point, Kenny said….God has a lot to say tonight…

And I thought of my recent memory verse project…

The heavens declare the glory of God, the firmament shows His handiwork…IMG_4575

and as I drove home Thursday evening after watching the boys…and passed the farms and fields of home…the song of praise continued…

Day unto day utters speech IMG_4815and night unto night reveals knowledge.IMG_4812

There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard. 2010 09 05_0465Their line goes out through all the earth and their words to the end of the world. IMG_1137

God bless you this weekend…if you doubt His existence…look up.IMG_4195

The sky…every day over you and me…no matter where we go…no matter what happens around us…the sky itself is evidence of His glory <3





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