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Unless you become like a child…<3

Good morning to you!

I am hurrying around getting things done so I can head north and be an extra pair of hands for Rachel today.

It’s my Thursday and, even though she has a few weeks before she returns to work, I certainly don’t plan on missing out on that mess of crazy with the band of brothers and Sweet Caroline.

I will be toting some gifts with me because when they were here last week and we were downtown, they may have seen some things they wanted.

And being children, there is no filter or thought that perhaps they shouldn’t ask for them.

We had stopped in the store where I work and the owner, who is also my dear friend, gave me a jar of her husband’s new honey crop.

Graham announced that he likes honey and then asked if could they have one also.

Rachel and I scrambled to cover for his bold request, but Kim immediately said of course he could and she would bring one in so Lola could deliver it.

It might be mentioned that Emmett immediately let her know she need not bring him one as he is not a fan…

which of course embarrassed the heck out of mom and me, but Kim was unphased and laughed and said well…more honey for Graham, then.

Graham saw something good and asked for it; Kim had the capacity and willingness to meet his request at a later date.

Done and done.

We also stopped at the popcorn shop and he asked for a wax mustache and Emmett decided he needed a package of jelly beans.

Mom said no. Not today.

Request denied on this one.

Although, today, they may possibly be in a little sack with the honey waiting to be loaded in my car, but that’s another day’s story.

Again…they saw something they wanted and they asked.

They ask all the time.

When they are tired, they have meltdowns and when they are unable to do something they bring it to someone who can help.

They don’t worry that one of us will say yes to something harmful or no to something beneficial.

They just come to the one who has what they want or need or think they need and they ask.

Perhaps this was part of what Jesus was trying to tell us when He suggested we come to Him like a little child.

Perhaps we could stop overthinking what we are asking Him to do…

like deciding it is too big a task…

or too nice for us when we know who we are…

or too much in light of what we see others have…

or too little to bother God with….

or whatever other seemingly grown-up reason keeps us striving in our own strength or attempting to fill the longings in our souls out of our own puny resources…

how about we just keep going to Him…

day in and day out…

with all the flow of needs and wants.

Why not, when the God of all Creation is standing there with His hands full of good things for us….

but we are too mature, self-sufficient and independent to just ask.

This morning I have been asking for some big things from God.

Big things for our family, big things for our nation, big things for this hurting world, big things for the Body of Christ.

I don’t know how He will answer but I know He will do what is absolutely best for every request.

He is, after all, a good good Father…

and we…we are loved by Him <3

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