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Voice recognition


Recently, Russ and I attended a meeting at our church. It was held in the open area that makes up the lobby. We were sitting at a table near the front with several couples including a set of young parents.

At one point in the presentation, we could hear the telltale sounds of a very unhappy infant echoing down the hall from the direction of the nursery.

At the first wail, the heads of the couple at our table whipped into high alert, but in seconds relaxed. The dad smiled at the relieved mom and whispered knowingly, “Not ours”.

Across the room, a different story transpired as another mom jumped up and headed straight across the room toward the increasing volume of discontent. She met the nursery worker and her child before they ever made it into visibility.

Silence ensued and it was clear. She knew the voice of her child. And the child knew that mom was back in close proximity.

I love that the dad at our table knew immediately this was not one of their children. I love that the mom at the next table knew immediately it was theirs. I love that the infant knew the mom and was immediately quieted by her presence.

And I love most of all that I have a Father, too.

He hears my cries and responds lovingly and immediately.

I just pray to have the spiritual sense to recognize His comfort and His love; to quiet myself in His Presence and receive what He so tenderly and willingly gives.

God bless you today.

He knows your name. He knows your circumstances. He responds to your cries.

He longs to draw you close and comfort you and me <3

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  1. This very topic was discussed at our women’s Bible study this morning! We were telling a sweet woman who is pregnant with her first child that this would be her soon.

    1. A very common theme I think…Ma Lamb shared basically the same last night. I had already written the post so I told her God must have been affirming both of us <3 And this is the icing on the cake! Love you dear one!!!!

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