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Because…spring break and all…

Even a mom of an empty nest gets to take spring break.

It’s just kinda written in our contract…fine print…you know…


So I went to see this girl and her husband in St Louis when we found out we both had about 3 hours free on the same day.

And I got to hear her teach one of her young students a lesson…Mississippi Hot Dog hasn’t sounded so good since she was playing it over and over and over in OUR living room <3




I got to attend a real life, grown up show with ….

IMG_0836The Leonas….who don’t actually have a drummer (photobomb of a most charming sort).

So yes, all in all, a wonderful Spring Break….

God bless you with bouquets of sweet delights as we bid winter goodbye and welcome warmer weather.

Happy weekend, see you Monday <3


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