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We are family….


I called Rachel yesterday during what I thought would be nap time. Ulterior motive; I was hoping we could finish a couple of thoughts while the boys were down.

Instead, a soft sweet  three year old voice answered.

“Hello Lola…we have some very sad news for you.”

While my heart sank just a tad, I didn’t totally freak out because his mommy is WAAAAYYYY too smart to put anything super serious in the hands of such a fragile messenger.

I asked what had happened, thinking momentarily some form of discipline had occurred. Instead, with deepest sorrow, he informed me he had an owie on his foot. It seems he stubbed his toe on a step stool.

I commiserated with him a bit and told him I was so sorry it had happened. Before he said goodbye he asked me again if I felt sad for him and then asked me to please let Papi know.

Because that’s how we are in a family. We share the good and the bad.

And that’s how the family of God is, too. We share our own joys and sorrows AND we celebrate the joys and mourn the sorrows of others.

But we also bump up against each other. And hurt each other. And neglect each other. And take each other for granted.

Because we are…family. Brothers and sisters. Imperfect members of a perfect family.

When people are hurt or wounded by the church, it is so important to remember…the woundings came from flawed siblings.

We have a perfect Father and one perfect Brother, who has gone before us to make the way…but the rest of us are kind of a mess sometimes.

We can look at all the letters written to the first churches and see a lot of ourselves in those issues being addressed.

But Christ loves the Church.

And He loves us.

And because of this we must choose to love one another.

So let’s get out there and, by golly,  just get along with one another!

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