We may have things just a bit confusing these days…


This could most likely stir up a hornet’s nest…

which is something I try very hard not to do.

Because we all are running into enough of that everywhere we go.

But I just have to say…

in the last week…

I have been exposed to extremely explicit references to issues that I find degrading to me as a woman; whole rants that are lewd, offensive and vulgar.

And maybe you are thinking I am talking about the political ads, commentaries, youtube videos and other such nonsense that has become the whole focus of how we are going about determining who to vote for to lead this country.

But no.

I heard it on the commercial breaks between the games we were watching. It is  for a popular new prime time show and the words spew  from the mouth of the attractive female star.

Because I guess, as long as it is entertainment and it is a woman referring to herself and sexuality in vulgar and crude ways, it is okay.

Apparently if it is under the umbrella of “entertainment” and “empowerment”….all’s fair.

I am not making apologies or a Pro-Anybody spiel for the foolishness that has served as “campaigning” in this election, but I am acknowledging my extreme frustration at this double standard of what is acceptable and what is vulgar.

For quite some time, crime/drama shows have fed us and our young people a steady diet of a rather toxic cocktail that mixes sex and violence. Provocatively displayed bodies of a brutally mutilated woman offer young and old, male and female, the opportunity to try and sort through all the physical, emotional and mental responses these scenes arouse.

The video games that are top sellers are increasingly more realistic as the “controller” manipulates characters in a variety of activities, numbing the mind to any sense of moral and ethical behavior and the sanctity of life; let alone a basic sense of respect for others.

Celebrities embrace lewd behavior on the stage and then cry “Foul!!” when someone takes the bait and verbalizes what their invitation suggested and promoted.

We can point fingers and judge the people running for office, but we need to look around at our own tolerance for such things.

To be in the world but not of the world is a battle we must diligently face. We cannot shrug off the garbage that is pouring in to our own living rooms while we vilify those who are a product of a culture that has run amok.

I am currently reading “The Daniel Prayer” by Anne Graham Lotz.

I highly suggest it as a place to start applying that verse we love to quote so often as we seek help for our nation…




by my Name

will HUMBLE themselves…

and PRAY

and seek MY FACE


TURN from their wicked ways…


I WILL  hear from Heaven…

and I WILL…

forgive their sin…

and I will…

heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14

Anne points out that wickedness is when we determine that we no longer care what God thinks. We decide for ourselves what is good and what is evil and we do whatever we want.

The world…this culture…this country…may be in that place.

But HIS PEOPLE must continue to humbly come before Him, seek His face, confront our own sin and stand in the gap for the sins of those who do not know Him…turn from our own wickedness… our own decisions of what we will think of as right and wrong…repent and pray as we….

journey onward <3



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    1. Thank you Teresa <3 It is a crazy kind of double standard all around us these days. We need to measure our thoughts, actions and reactions to God's unchanging Standard <3

  1. OH, LAURA! YES, YES, YES! I have felt this way for so long! Where does it end, but in a mess that we have made! I have committed to praying for our country every night, and often use this verse as my starting point.

    1. We simply must cry out to God. He is the only one who can help us with the mess we have made. Bless you Susan <3

    1. Thank you for your encouragement. I pray to not stir up controversy, but to spur us onward in prayer and seeking the Lord for this nation <3

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