Speaking of a full day ahead…


I woke up this morning running the next twelve plus hours through my head and they are rather jam-packed with commitments.

As soon as I post this, I will begin the morning routine which basically means I run around with my adult ADHD issues trying to get myself ready, sneak in some cleaning and laundry.

This will involve multiple trips up and down the stairs and in and out of rooms as I look for my glasses or my coffee cup or my brain.

I will invariably be rushing around at the last minute trying to gather my stuff and make it to the store before the first customer arrives. (Hi Kim…I know you read this…thanks for grace <3 )

Since it’s a shoppe, it is hard to know what the day will bring…

Will we be busy or slow? Will there be shipment or not? Will the customer base be those sweet people who love the store or the crabby’s who test the limits of the “customer is always right”?

Sorry folks…just being real…I know all of you fall in the first category, but the others do exist. And they need love and ministry as much as you all who behave when you shop.

Seven hours later I will close her up and head to church to make copies for class and then teach  a class on Prayer for our Equip Fall Series.


From there I will drive home, collapse on the couch and contemplate what to write you lovely folks tomorrow.

So to gear up for this busy day, I took time to read more from the book of Mark.

I am in Chapter 5. It’s the day after Jesus had a long day of preaching followed by a short night’s sleep…which was interrupted so He could take charge of telling a violent storm to cease and desist.

From there, He started the morning with the exorcism of enough demons from one man that they called themselves a legion…which can be 3,000-6,000 members so….no small amount of evil there.

After getting the man delivered and sitting a bit with him as he enjoyed being in his right mind, wearing nice clothes and acting like a decent human being…the towns people got quite upset with Him.

Seems they were more comfortable with a demoniac than a Man with the power of God who could deliver him.


So back in the boat He went, and back across the sea. He was greeted with a request to come and heal a man’s daughter. But to do this He had to maneuver through a large crowd of people. So many they were all pushed up against each other.

In the process, He was delayed when a woman in the crowd sought the opportunity of close proximity to nab a healing of her own.

News of the price of delay in getting to the ailing child arrived and for an anxious father, hope fled.

But Jesus, still jostled by the crowd, urged and encouraged him to believe.

And when they arrived at the house, He kicked out the mourners…and the unbelievers…and He took charge of death and kicked it out of that house.


We don’t know what else filled that one day in His life, but as I sat reading these three stories I was filled with a sense of awe and worship for Him.

His Word assures me that because I am His, He will be with me today.

Because He lives in me, the crowds I walk through…the people I talk to…the opportunities I have to offer healing, deliverance, life..these are the ministries of Jesus.

To be His hands and feet…to share the Good News of Jesus Christ…these are really the only tasks that matter <3


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  1. Great post as always. I sent you a private message on your FB page. I have a new phone and I lost many of my contacts. Message me if you have a chance so I can have your number. Hugs!

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