Wednesday randoms because we all need to just step away for a minute <3


Well, well…it has been quite a week in America for thoughts and comments and opinions and such has it not. 

So in an effort to be a bit of a respite for you today, I am going to speak on the non-controversial topic of why I miss our house phone….although some of you may refer to it as “land line”.

Since it is Wednesday and this is supposed to be something to take your mind off of what the rest of the country is talking about I will give you my randoms….in no particular order.

<3 I never called it a “land line” because that made it seem like I also had a ship to shore phone and we didn’t. Full disclosure I have only been on one cruise ship and I never used the phone during my time on board. 

<3 Having only cell phones has proved to interfere with our opportunities to expand communication with our married family. Back in the day, you called the home and whoever was closest to the phone or most eager to answer, did so.

I got to know my in-law’s because I was usually the one to nab the phone. Russ got to be the one to listen to my mom for a few minutes before he could get my attention to take the receiver.

As our kids grew up and were able to beat me out, they got to chat with their grandparents.

Dialing a number was like spinning the wheel of fortune. You never knew who was going to answer. And before caller ID you didn’t know who was calling. Life was one constant communication adventure.

I miss that. 

<3 Before cell phones, checking the answering machine was my first stop on entering the house. 

<3 Before answering machines, I could go weeks and years without knowing someone had been trying to reach me on a given day. 

<3 You would think all these advances would have enhanced the feeling of connectedness and yet many mornings I sit looking at my cell phone wondering longingly why no one responded to my text yet. 

<3 My favorite sound that I miss from all of it is the sound my grandma’s black rotary dial made and how it was so very solid in construction. 

<3 I also miss the phone book

All right…that is pretty much the extent of my randoms. 

Have a happy Wednesday. 

Think about good things. 

Talk to your people today…really talk to them. 

And be nice. 

It’s kinda crazy out there <3

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  1. Jimmy and Steph’s new house has a rotary dial phone in the garage. Charlie is going to have fun with that. I, too, miss that familiar clicking sound. There’s probably an app for that. Lol

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