What happened here?


It is Monday…which in and of itself can take a bit of processing for me.

But this Monday comes after a weekend where we had a fairly good sized crowd to celebrate our oldest daughter’s 30th birthday. While we missed our youngest who was unable to come, it was a full time of family and friends and much eating and talking and laughing and celebrating.


And I am exhausted….which is never good on a Monday.

So I am mulling over what I taught yesterday, because usually…always…it is good to apply what I teach to how I live.

We have spent two weeks in James 1: 3-8 talking about wisdom and the wisdom of asking for it.

God assures us that our trials are not an accident. It’s not like a trial is keeping you from the main thing of life….the trial you have IS part of your life. So look at it, not as a kink thrown in the cog of an otherwise smooth existence. Look at the trial as the thing that is giving your life meaning and purpose because God has allowed it.

And if He has allowed it, He is going to help you work through it — so that’s where we can count it ALL joy…

So instead of wishing and praying the trial away, I live and pray through the trial.

He also tells me to ask for wisdom. I often ask for solutions, and if I ask for wisdom; typically it is so I can find the solution.

I am interested in the end result. He is focused on the process.

So, today, tired and full of lots of emotions and questions and a deep desire to put some current trials in the “completed” file….I am asking for His WISDOM…revelation of knowledge that is from Him….pure….peaceable…gentle….considerate….fruit-bearing….without hypocrisy….

Sounds good to me. Sounds like just what I need.

And He promises that what I ask, I will receive; if I do not doubt.

Well then…no doubt today, I have wisdom <3

God bless you at the start of this new week. Whatever you are facing, whatever you will face; He is with you. He is ready and able and willing to give you wisdom each step of the way.


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