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Psalm 119 has been popping up a lot in various places for me lately…this morning it was the focus of Our Daily Bread reading and for several weeks I have been catching up on Eastview podcasts (Eastview Christian Church/Mike Baker) based on Psalms.

This was the first one in the series and they spent several Sundays on it. So many rich teachings on their website!

My reading this morning was based on 97-104 where the writer of this Psalm states repeatedly how much he loves God’s Law…he calls it law, word, testimonies, commandments and precepts.

He declares that as a result of loving this word of God so much and thinking about it all the time…he is…

made wiser than his enemies….verse 98

smarter than his teachers and wise men of all ages…verse 99

kept on the right path….verse 101

basically taught by God, all the time, about how to live and what to do…verse 102

and I think, who would not want that?

My prayer this morning is that each of us would develop a deep love for the Word of God.

I hope you are finding time every day to crack open that Bible, read and THINK ABOUT what God is saying.

The psalmist said he carried God’s word around with him all the time. Most likely because he got it ingrained in his mind and so he was thinking about what God’s word said as he went on with his day.

Ask Him for insight into how you can APPLY His law…His testimonies…His commandments…His precepts to the daily circumstances you face right where you are.

And, as I may have mentioned to a certain darling 3 1/2 year old yesterday…if you are having trouble obeying…ask God to help you WANT TO obey….=0)

God bless you as you seek to grow in His WORD by putting it into your mind, your heart, you spirit <3

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