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No room on the cloud….

Well I am getting a lot of mileage out of the purchase of a new cell phone it seems.

Last weekend the phone arrived and we took it to the store to have it activated.

This was only supposed to take a few minutes; however unlike the old days you can’t just plug it in and save everything.

Apparently you have to transfer all the data you want saved onto a cloud somewhere out there in internet world. It hangs there while the phones are switched and then you have to download all of it back on to the new phone.

Too technical? Sorry…can’t help myself…

And that is where the problem occurred. It seems the cloud was too small for all my data, so after deleting 800 plus pictures and about 180 videos (don’t panic, I had saved them several times onto the computer), it was still going to take 5 hours to transport my data to this cloud thing.


The girl behind the counter was entirely baffled. Where was all this data hiding on my phone???

So she went on a hunt and finally announced that I had 4 GB of text messages saved on my phone.

I had no idea what that meant, but from the look on her face I could tell it was somewhat of a record. If I felt any sense of accomplishment, it vanished when I looked over at Russ. We had been standing at the counter for close to two hours and I can’t really explain the look he gave me.

He asked me how on earth I could possibly have that much in text messages on my phone. Simple. I don’t delete my messages. Ever.









In fact, sometimes I just sit and read through old threads and laugh and cry and revisit all the silly and sweet moments shared with family and friends.

While the girl behind the counter seemed to muster some sympathy, my better half simply stated that I am a data hoarder and advised me to ……Let. It. Go.

He was right. I gulped, and deleted all my text threads and then handed my phone in so she could transfer my contacts to the new phone. The contacts are all there, all the people that matter so much to me.

There are new conversations to have, new pictures to send, new laughs and new sweet moments…and I am trying to hold them a little more lightly. I am enjoying them and then deleting them at the end of the day so I have room for tomorrow.

Sometimes we can spend so much time looking back we miss what is right in front of us.

As always, I pray…God teach me to hold the temporal lightly and the eternal tightly!

God bless you as you find that balance entering the new year!!

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