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When God does this…


So when I prayed on Sunday about writing Monday’s post and I kept thinking about that little index card on our pantry door…and I debated if I was really hearing from Him…can you imagine…this morning…when I open Our Daily Bread to Tuesday April 28th…and the focus Scripture and writing are centered on Jesus calming the storm???

Because that is how He works.

And I am forever and always freshly amazed when He lays something on my heart and then I run into it somewhere else, affirming that what He has taught me is something He has taught someone else.

Oh! I hope this happens to you all. I hope you see these kinds of things the world might call coincidence.

I hope you pray and ask Him a question and a car drives by with an answer on the license plate.

I hope that when your heart is crying out and you turn the radio on, the lyrics of a song are EXACTLY what you needed to hear.

I hope that when you pour your prayers out in your journal and later in the day one of your siblings in Christ prays with you; they end up using the same phrasings you wrote on tear-stained pages.

I hope, and more than that, I pray with all my heart this morning that you know without a doubt that He loves you and He is intimately and lovingly involved in every detail of your life.

I hope you are caught by surprise by His personal touch today.

This is my prayer for you, each and every one of you…and for each and every person you hold so dearly in your heart. That you KNOW in tangible ways His power in your life settings.

Be blessed and encouraged today.

You ARE loved by the Father.

And all that matters to YOU – matters greatly to Him <3

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  1. I hope that every time I’m in need of a good writing,someone has one for me to read…God is good!thank you,ms.laura!

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