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How grief can sneak up on you…


The racks of Mother’s Day cards that popped up even while we were still preparing for Easter caught me off guard.

This year there really is no mom to buy a card for.

I remember the first May after my own mom passed.

With 5 months of healing under our belts, I wasn’t prepared for the empty feeling when the displays of pink flowered cards started appearing.

It is an odd feeling to not have your mom somewhere in the world. And there are so many who have known this feeling at much younger ages than I did.

To be honest, sometimes my relationship with my mom was not easy. But the last few years with her were a gift of healing from the Lord.

So as I see the Mother’s Day cards this year, with fresh grief from having just lost Russ’s mom, I am keenly aware of others who are experiencing that sense of loss in fresh ways this year.

I am also aware that sometimes the mother/child connection is not all that we would hope it to be. Maybe it never was and you feel a sense of being left out of the whole experience. Maybe your relationship with your mother  has changed because age has taken away the woman you knew, she is still here….but gone…

If you have a wonderful mom and this is a sweet day every year for you, God bless you <3

If not….

I pray that God will comfort you in your sorrow and help you find ways to express your appreciation for the love and support of others in your life. I pray for healing and restoration in the relationships that still have time on earth. I pray for tenderness of heart and for the flow of mercy and forgiveness in every broken heart.

Grief may come in waves; may God’s grace carry you over each one.



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  1. Thanks Laura; my dad has been gone for 23 years.. I feel this sense of loss every Father’s Day….my mom is here, but has some memory issues. Iam so thankful that i have been given the gift of time to help her with the many things she can no longer do! Happy Mother’s Day to you! May God comfort you and Russ as well!

    1. Bless you. Providing care for our parents is truly a blessing, but can be a challenge as well….especially when memory is involved! Thanks for your kind words <3

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