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When God’s love gives you vertigo….

I see the corn is starting to dry out and get brown around here.

And the beauty of living in this town? I didn’t even have to drive out in the country…I passed a corn field that sits between the post office and the park district soccer fields right in the middle of town…gotta LOVE the Midwest <3

Which is why I can’t figure how our son would want to move to Texas…IMG_3418

but he is enjoying it and recently sent us some video and a couple of pictures from the site of his current job. It is a race track that is also a concert venue.

In the pictures there is an extremely tall tower with fancy red metal streamers kind of sculpted off the top.


I zoomed in and out and tried to figure what it might be… finally….


I debated asking him to please not check it out, but …

adult child…


so I didn’t.

About 10 minutes later, I get an aerial picture of the spaghetti intersections near the race track….IMG_5145

followed by…


Although I was sitting at my desk with my feet firmly planted on solid ground, my entire insides pitched downward and rushed out of my feet. My heart accelerated to an unhealthy rate, and I broke out in a cold sweat.

As I grabbed the sides of the desk and tried to resume getting air into my lungs, I used one finger to text….”GET BACK FROM THE EDGE AND HOLD YOUR CELL PHONE VERY TIGHTLY!!!!!”


Adult child or no….I am still his mom.

Early on in his life, I felt the sting when he skinned his knee. I parched when he was needing his water bottle in the outfield on a hot summer day. I never felt more satisfied then when he had eaten a good, healthy meal. My heart broke and soared with his in correspondence with circumstances.

It’s just part of the mother gig.

Then I read that God says that He cares about His people as a mother cares for her children…Isaiah 66:13…and I’m thinking…this is good news.

I’m thinking that whatever I am going through, He is all in with me.


And I like that.

John gave me The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning for my birthday.

Ironically, today’s reading held this quote:

“Human love, with all its passion and emotion, is a thin echo of the passion/emotion love of Yahweh.”( pg. 102/Multnomah)

All of the over-powering love and compassion and empathy that has swelled up and overtaken me as a mom….

is just a thin echo of God’s love for us.

And even better…He can actually DO something about it.

Not only does He have compassion for us, He has the power to act on our behalf…or the knowledge to wait…or the wisdom to say no….

but through it all…He is with us and for us from the deepest of depths to highest of heights….IMG_4870and this mom is very thankful.

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  1. Love it! I totally relate to child boundaries thing which I don’t always keep. Good thing God has got them! And me!

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