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When other people are nice to your children <3

I have watched and watched and rewatched…and zoomed in and paused and taken screen shots of an early celebration thrown for our Rachel’s upcoming birthday last night.

This guy…

made sure they had cake and sang for mom since he will be working this weekend.

Thank you Apple iPhone that I can play a video and also zoom in on faces and I have sat with sweet, wet tears dripping as I see Rachel beaming while dad and the band of brothers sing happy birthday to her…

or I guess it’s actually Happy Birfday…I am always learning.

And while six pairs of eyes are intently focused on …

instead of mommy…

my heart spills over to see her beaming face as she is honored by her family.

And it blesses me.

It blesses me more than if I was the guest of honor.

She’s our girl.

And to see her treated with love and respect and dignity and honor fills my heart to brim over.

For all of our children, when they are treated well and shown kindness and love…it is wonderful.

We also know the pain when they are not.

And I think how it blesses the Father when we, His children, show love and respect to one another.

How our acts of kindness to each other bless Him and honor Him.

I have written and deleted several ways to end this.

Maybe it is just best for you to stop and reflect on how your heart has been blessed by the kindness shown by others to someone  you love and then draw near to the Father and thank Him.

Perhaps take all of that lovely glow that is in your heart as you replay it in your mind and lift it up to Him…a fragrant offering of thanksgiving to Him who is Love.

In the same way, perhaps someone has deeply hurt and betrayed your precious loved one.

We are so blessed that we can also lift the pain and sorrow to Him and entrust it to His care. He knows the hearts of all. Release it to Him and allow Him to heal, correct, restore…in HIs time.

Have a blessed weekend and I will see you on Monday <3


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