When she called it “organic” I may have raised my hands in praise <3

I’ve been doing this little blog thing for three  years and fifty-one weeks now.

At first I just wrote in my journals, but Russ said I should put it out there where people could read it.

So I started an email that went out once a week.

And people liked it and told other people about it, and asked if I was going to put those thoughts down in a book.

When I looked into how exactly someone does such a thing, I found out that to write a book you need to have a group of people available who might actually want to read it.

So I started the blog…and told four people and prayed to God that we could just keep it small on account of the internet scares the bejeebers out of me.

He pointed out some things about trusting Him and we worked on that for a while.

As He has slowly pried my fingers off of the good work He began in me, I have moved on to a Facebook page for this little place we call Journey Onward.

I have learned a couple of things about operating a website…enough to know I have no idea on God’s green earth what I am doing with the technology side.

But one thing I feel certain I have maintained was the ambiance I hoped to create here on this little piece of the worldwide web.

My hope at the start and my prayer as I continue is that if you were to be able to stop by the Reimer’s kitchen table around 6:30 A.M. on any given day of the week, and I were to lift my mascara-from-yesterday misty eyes up from my notebook and pour you and me a cup of coffee and tell you what was on my mind…well that’s what I give you Monday through Friday.


Sometimes it’s a deeper thought.

Sometimes it’s my version of the old “family vacation slide show at the neighbor’s house” that I grew up loving.

Sometimes it’s something weighing on my heart where the things are hard out there in the world or maybe just close to home.

Sometimes it makes us laugh.

Sometimes it makes us cry.

And lots of times it does both at the same time.

Cause that’s life and that’s me.

So when I was visiting with an energetic young woman who also is finding a place to share her God-voice on the internet, and she said my blog was “organic”…

I was like….


I thought I was just kind of all over the place random.

So look at me…I somehow managed to find my niche.

Which is why you don’t get recipes or health advice, you don’t get lifestyle suggestions or decorating tips.

You just get…

organic me.

Which brings me to the point of today’s post…and yes…I do have one…

and you will just have to judge if it is silly or serious.

But since we moved in here two days before Christmas, I have been faithfully sorting the recycling and the trash into separate containers.

I literally wash multiple empty bottles, cans and such daily to put in the bin and hound guests with signs and warnings to not throw away plastics in our garbage can.

This morning I happened to be out when the truck picked up said recycling…his claw like gizmo stretched out, grasped the brown bin and dumped it in his truck.

Then this nice young man exited his vehicle, picked up our little blue plastic container and dumped the contents of white trash bags in on top.

I frantically waved him to stop and told him that was the garbage.

Yep, he said.

He picks it up every week.

Just like that.

One canister with the go-go gadget thing and one by hand.

Somehow the communication wires got crossed when I set up the system and what I thought was a recycling bin (since I was told by the gal who set us up 9 months ago that the owners had a recycling container, could we just use theirs? Sure, I said….) is actually a trash can.

For all this time, we have kept some of our trash in mint condition only to have it thrown in with the rest of the nasty bagged stuff and hauled off to the dump.


Oh my friends…there might be a lesson there…but for now all I feel is deep sorrow and no small amount of frustration over it all.

What we have done can not be undone, but we can move forward now knowing the truth and begin doing the right thing in the right way.

Hmmm….perhaps we can apply that little lesson to some other activities, thought patterns and behaviors that need to be evaluated….

I will leave that to you and the One who made you.

Meanwhile…have a great Tuesday and I will see you tomorrow <3




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    1. Aww…thank you Nancy and bless you for the comment.
      As if I could stop…sometimes I do ask myself why I continue to do this and then some person I don’t even know reads this things will tell me how it encouraged them one day. I think to myself, wow…I would not have known to send a note to that particular person on that particular day and I hear God chuckle…like maybe it might sink in this is HIS WAY to touch people …. Love Him…love you all <3

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