Where you have Oxen, you will have stalls <3

You may not know it looking at our kitchen counter or inside my closet or the console of the car I drive, but I am actually a bit of a neat freak person.

Things out of place and out of order stress me.

But I also need large quantities of time to putter, and decisiveness eludes me…and then there is that perfectionist thing that fuels it all and I always have about twenty-five things going on in real time and ten that I am cooking up in my head…

so we live in a house that as the old cliche goes…is clean enough to be healthy and messy enough to be happy…sort of…if I could just decide what to do with the pile on the counter that never.goes.away.

Which is why I selected Proverbs 14:4 on Sunday.

Without oxen a stable stays clean, but you need a strong ox for a large harvest. NLT

and the “translation/story” for it is right in the footnotes of my Bible <3

Where there is not action, there are no problems. To have power to get things done (the ox) one must sometimes put up with the clutter that comes with it.” ¬†commentary from NKJV Bible/Hayford


If I wasn’t doing anything that mattered except keeping my house clean, I would have that nice orderly home that always seems out of reach.

So I can take a deep breath, keep doing the thing God sets before and chip away at the piles a little at a time as I have time.

All the while seeking¬†WISDOM…by seeking God…as I make decisions, moment by moment, each day.

Literally trusting Him for every step.

He is faithful to lead us as we….you and I …. journey onward <3

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