White as snow <3


Hopefully you are more aware of the church calendar than I am this week. If not, welcome to my shock that Lent began on Wednesday. 

I saw a post for a church service sometime during the day and realized with all the snow and such, this season has snuck up on me quickly on the heels of Valentine’s Day. 

It is always a part of my discipline to set aside the Forty days of Lent as a time of reflection and meditation. Scrambling around has not enhanced the practice. 

So as I try to grasp that this precious time in the year is here already, I have nothing profound to say to you but just a simple thought from my drive through our snow covered land this morning. 

As I drove, I wanted to pull over and start trying to capture the beauty of it all with my iPhone and realized I can’t. Nothing can capture the ten zillion billion sparkles as the sun brought the crystals of snow to life through our smudgy, salty, splattered windows. 

They were …. Radiant, captivating, spectacular, unearthly, dazzling, blinding, beautiful.

And I was reminded that though my sin be as scarlet, I am washed white as snow. 

I meditated on that all the way to work. 

Though my sin be like a red stain of blood that is nearly impossible to get out of clothing…often leaving a yellowish mark even after you have tried everything to get it out…when it is covered by the blood of Jesus shed for me, I am like that view I had out my window today. 

It is a miracle worth pondering today and every day. 

And my life will be poured out in gratitude to Him as the only worthy response.

Blessings you each of you as you think how you would like to spend the season of Lent growing more in love with Jesus <3

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