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Who Knew?

I think Autumn has officially arrived here in the Midwest.


Crisp days, colorful leaves floating down from trees that splatter across the sidewalks and streets.

Soup and sweater weather.

And this has to top my list of favorite times of the year.

And yet we have a rather large elephant in the room…no pun intended.

Our country has just been through a roller coaster campaign season and election.


You would think for someone who loves to talk and suppose and jabber on about things I know little about, I would have some kind of input…

but when it comes to the most serious of worldly affairs…

I leave that to those who are more knowledgeable and eloquent than I.

Publicly anyway.

Poor Russ tends to get an ear full just about every day about some hot topic…


However, I will share one thing from my heart about the whole thing.

And it has nothing to do with politics or leadership or anything like that.

I felt a great sense of relief this morning and as I sought in my heart the source, I realized…

that I was pleasantly surprised that the media,

the “experts”,

the analysts,

the students of statistics and polls…

were wrong.


It turns out that this large machine of mass predicting missed the mark.

And in some strange and bizarre way…

and again..

nothing political here…

just a life thing…

I realized that so often I look at all the “facts” and I line them up.

I analyze the potential and the probability of an outcome.

I weight the factors and I take a few surveys by looking at how this same thing has, or rather, has not worked out in other settings…

and I say….

It is not possible.


I close the book and walk away.

Done and done.

But God…

the God I serve…









What have you given up hope for?

For what situation or person have you said…

“It can’t be done…there is no precedence for God to work in a situation like this one?”

What have you written off as impossible?

How about if we take those impossible things to our God…

our God for Whom..





and we start thinking in terms of what He alone can do <3

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