Worthy is the Lamb

If you did not have an opportunity to participate in Anne Graham Lotz’s call to pray for 7 days, I encourage you to visit her website (www.annegrahamlotz.com) and let the prayer guide lead you. It is never too late, but always the right time to pray.

As I prayed yesterday, for some reason I felt compelled to go to one of my dresser drawers where I keep cards, letters and other written keepsakes. I found a journal of prayers and Scripture from a season of extreme trial in our family.

The Lord has laid on my heart to share the following. I pray that whoever needs to hear this prayer that He wrote through my pen on September 10, 2007 will find their way to this page. Be blessed to know that HE KNOWS what you are going through. He is ahead of you, beside you and coming along behind you. <3

September 10, 2007 from my journal:

“From Walk through the Bible: Jewish history confirms the region of Bethlehem – Migdal Elder – was known for birthing place of the sacrifice lambs.”

My thoughts from this……

Why has it taken me so long to realize that the stable is where lambs are born?

Who has rescued our hearts? Jesus Christ, our Passover Lamb.

Who has delivered us today? Jesus Christ, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

Who has delivered us today from the hand of our enemy – from our strong oppressor? Who has opened the gates and set us free?

Jesus Christ, our King. Jesus Christ, our conquering Hero.

Jesus Christ, all praise and honor, glory and power, dominion are His now and forevermore.

Jesus Christ; who has made His enemies His footstool; who has triumphed over Satan and his minions.

Our God REIGNS, in Peace and Honor.


All heaven and earth declare His glory and honor and praise.


For He has scattered the enemy. He has broken into nothingness the powers of darkness that held us. He has banished forever the foe that worked against His plans and purposes in us.

His Light and Truth have defeated the darkness and lies. Every trap that was set up against us has been used by Him to entrap and ensnare His enemies.


Arise and give glory and honor to Him for HE is WORTHY of Glory and Honor and Praise!

We look around, but the enemy has vanished – he can not be found.


The enemy has dissipated – his works have come to nothing.


The blind see – with great clarity. The Light shines before them. Their eyes see His Light and Truth. They see. We see with sharpness and clarity, in a new dimension of hope and promise.

A brightening accompanies the new clarity of vision – a light that makes color and shape more vibrant; that draws the mind and heart and spirit into agreement with the Mind and Heart and Spirit of Christ.

The ears are cleared  – the noise and din no longer distract. The Voice of God is clearly heard. More clearly. More beautiful. More resonant. More solidly than before.

JOY bubbles up like a fountain at the sound of His Voice and Peace RULES hearts, and minds, and spirits.

Chaos and caprice, Jealousy and Fear, Pride and Unforgiveness are SILENCED AND BANISHED. Their voices and murmurings – their whispers and taunts – are forever quenched by the VOICE OF THUNDER of our Mighty GOD.

“SILENCE!”, He says and His Mighty Hand is raised. He has taken away – REMOVED- their power. They NO LONGER rule in these, His Precious Children.

His children obey and hear only the VOICE of their Shepherd.

They hear

They comprehend

They understand

They process



They are no longer tossed about in confusion, but are set on His Voice – on His commands – they are fully HIs.

Hearts are circumcised, the flesh has been cut away with precision by the Sword of the LORD.

The Sword that divided flesh from spirit, now is a LIGHT that welds together metal to metal; the Sword has eliminated darkness – the Sword has cauterized and the Sword has healed, with the purifying flame of the Altar of Fire.

The Sword has accomplished and finished (completed) the Work.

Praise You, LAMB of God.


We are united in Christ – United in the Cross” <3

May God bless you with understanding of His Word, His Power, His Love for you and for those for whom you intercede. May the Zeal of the Lord accomplish the desires He has laid on your hearts. <3


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