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WOW…just WOW…<3

This will be short and sweet…because I am running late on finishing devotions and starting my day and getting this posted so hold on to your hats…

I am loving using the study notes in my Bible and truly experiencing that “edification” that comes with studying God’s Word.

So here is a boost for those who of us who follow Jesus.

As people are growing “smarter”…there is more and more doubt cast on the Old Testament and God’s story recorded there.

I don’t think I ever realized how much of our Bible stories are validated by the words of Jesus Christ, Himself, in the New Testament.

My current path of study is looking up various references Jesus made to the foundations of our faith found in the ancient writings we call the Old Testament.

Here is the list from my study:

Adam and Eve as the first pair – Matthew 19:4, 5

Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah – Mark 6:11; Luke 17:29, 30

Noah and the flood happened – Matthew 24: 37, 38

Daniel’s prophecy is trustworthy – Matthew 24:15

Jonah was swallowed by a large fish – Matthew 12:39, 40

Manna and other miraculous accounts during Moses’ wilderness journey – John 3:14; 6:31, 32

So we are left here with a choice.

Either we believe Jesus is who He says He is – the Son of God who came to save each one of us from our sins and to reconcile each one of us back to right relationship with God through our receiving His atonement for OUR sin and then TURNING from our old ways and following hard after Him


all that He validates, we validate.


we don’t.

Because we simply cannot do both.

Even though there are some who are trying to do this, we CANNOT say we believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and yet edit the Old Testament to suit our agenda.


Be blessed today.

Dig into His WORD.

Know ….KNOW….what and Whom you claim to believe <3




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  1. My comment will be short and sweet also! LOVE IT and love YOU!! Thank you for doing this and being just another part of my walk getting to know Jesus and His Word better! <3

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