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Me? Distracted? Never

If I told you where I am sitting you would be very jealous so let me just say it is warm and sunny and I am actually seeing green leaves on trees. Which is all great except for the fact that everyone I love dearly (not counting Russ because he is with me) is NOT here and I would rather have sub zero temperatures and still more snow coming and be near people I love. I am just that crazy.

Being out of my routine and natural element, has thrown me. It seems my knack for finding myself in unusual circumstances or attracting wildlife is limited to the Midwest, so I am forced to look through my “idea book”. This is a book I keep with random thoughts that come to me, typically when I am driving.

I used to jot them down on the backs of receipts and napkins from the glove box, but then I got a notebook so they are all in one place. Meaning it is stuffed with receipts and napkins with cryptic notes jotted down. I would like to use the nifty notebook feature on my phone, but I am paranoid that people will think I am texting.

And see, that’s the thing about the “law”. In my mind, typing notes in my phone or trying to balance paper and pen on the steering wheel would not be, technically, “TEXTING”, so I should be ok, right? Wrong. Because the law isn’t about one method of communication over another. It’s about not being distracted while I am driving.

So any manner of typing on a small keyboard that spellchecks everything, except recognizing that I worship God and not Gid, is just wrong.

The heart of the law is that I am operating a large metal vehicle in the midst of other large metal vehicles maneuvering around pot holes, people who are walking in the street in dark clothing and motorcycles that think the yellow line is a lane.

I am responsible for not only my safety but the safety of others. So the heart of the law is about driving in a way that looks out for the best interest of others, even if they are not doing so themselves.

Jesus talked a lot about the heart of the Law in His teachings. I want His heart and I want to follow His ways and the only way I can think to do this is to read and meditate and apply His Word each and every day. I am thankful that I can pray for understanding as I open the Scriptures and He will teach me through His Spirit.

As for the notebook, if you see me furiously scribbling at a stop light, you know what I am doing <3
Blessings on you this week as you seek Him in His Word


I received the news this morning of the passing of a great man. I happen to be far from home at a conference where there are many who want to leave their marks as great men.

But the family I grieve for can tell you that a great man is a man who serves God and loves his family faithfully.

A great man is a man who goes to work every day and plays catch with not only his son, but his daughter.

A great man raises his hands in praise to his almighty God and bends his knee in humility before the Cross.

A great man leads a small group of teens, goes on mission trips, and serves up snacks at the lock-in.

A great man surrenders to the reality of a decaying body and continues to serve God and love his family faithfully until the end.

A great man leaves the mark of tears shed and lives that will grieve his passing but will carry on his name by serving God and loving each other faithfully.

Surviving the wreck

I finished the book of Acts today. One of my favorite accounts – Paul’s shipwreck on Malta.

There are so many rich teachings in these passages, but the one that stood out to me this morning is from chapter 27, verses 34-36. Paul has already told them that they will indeed be wrecking the ship. But the good news, they would all survive, every single crew member, prisoner, leader.

And as the waves are crashing and the rocks are looming ahead and everyone is convinced that it is as grim as it can get, Paul suggests they all have a snack. Eat up, he says. You will need your strength for the  next few hours. Like when some of you leap over the sides to swim to shore and others wait til the ship smashes into a million pieces and you grab a hold of a fragment of the deck and ride it on in.

And they all realize that there is no more to do but to follow the suggestion. So they eat and throw the rest of their provisions overboard and finish it out. Just the way Paul told them it would go.

Have you been there? At that place where you have fought through a rough time. You know the last part is not going to be easy, but for some reason, faith has taken root and you are believing God that the ship you have been sailing on is going down, but you aren’t. And neither are those traveling the storm with you.

A sense of relief floods the places that adrenaline once fueled and now….you can eat. Fasting is over. Assurance has been given. Peace reigns. And yes, there is that part about the swim to shore, but somehow knowing everyone will make it is worth everything.

I hope you are there. I hope you are near the harbor. I hope the worst is over. Hold on if it isn’t. It will soon end in JOY <3

Who’s serving who?

Yesterday was my day with the boys. Rachel told me Graham liked to feed Emmett so when it was lunch time, I got him all set up to serve his brother.



He did a good job.



Made the appropriate parental mimic-of-the-bite face and even had the part down where you scoop the excess off with the spoon and attempt re-entry.

But then. The yogurt started looking kind of yummy.



Just a taste to see if it was ok… temperature wise…you know….but…..



This stuff is pretty good…..

IMG_8977So, Lola got Graham a yogurt and took over feeding Emmy.

IMG_8978Pretty cute when you are 2 years old.

Not so much when you are my age.

But sometimes, that’s how I serve.

I start out wanting to help people. But somewhere along the way, I get caught up in my own interests in the ministry and forget what had motivated me in the first place ….. God’s interest in meeting the need of the other person through me.

I think it is a good idea to sit down every now and again and see if I have started eating off the spoon God gave me to use to nourish others.

How about you? Are you feeding His sheep, or has the work subtly become YOUR feeding?




Salt, we are <3


The sun has not completely risen and to be honest, I am afraid to look out the window. This week has been a roller coaster of weather. I fully expected to see Jim Cantore and his weather channel crew skating across some of our local parking lots yesterday morning.

Between the incredible ice rain of Monday, the big thaw on Tuesday and Wednesday’s potholes that made driving across town seem like a video game gone bad, I am a bit frazzled from whatever storm we are currently recovering from. (Side note….when did we start naming storms???)

In all of it, though, I continue to be amazed at the power of salt. As the trucks dump it along our snow packed roads, and the plows follow, it is only a matter of time before what was a treacherous path becomes safe again.

God says that WE are salt, when we live and act the way believers are supposed to live and act. We don’t have to act LIKE salt….we just are.

Folks, we are living in mucky times. There are many who are traveling down dangerous paths. There are many who are in slippery places.

In Matthew, Jesus taught that crowd lessons that we need to follow today. He taught how we are to live. He didn’t teach us how to throw salt. He taught us how to BE salt.

Your obedient life, lived well for Him, is effecting change for the good – transformation to Christ-like living. It is making the road clear for others to make their way safely to Christ. Believe it.

Be blessed. Be safe. Be salty.