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A slice of my life lately <3

pc/Rachel <3

Yes, I know.

We could just stop right here and be good for the day.

It’s been a busy weekend and I am headed out the door asap for a much needed redo of the hair upon my head so here’s some randoms and some pictures that I think are sweet, pretty or both…enjoy or go do your own thing and have a blessed day <3


On Saturday we made a trip to St Louis for a fun day of family and going to the Cardinal game. As I snapped this photo out the window on the way to the stadium, our middle daughter may have made a snarky comment about it’s good I finally have a picture of the Arch…ok…it gets me every time and yes…always the tourist wherever I go.

We had a great time at the game…


and got home to catch a few winks and then did Sunday.

Monday morning, we were up bright and early so I could meet up with this one…


and head to Chicago on Amtrak to shop for clothes for her amazing store.

We had a great time and much success and I am thinking of doing a short series on what I have learned in my first full year of doing this little clothing concession in her store (would you be interested????)

But to finish out…I think the walk from Union Station to the Mart is one of the prettiest so please enjoy…


These flower boxes line the way and they are incredible <3


The commuters were particularly tickled with me stopping to snap pictures…insert smile…

and finally…


Gets me every time.

Have a great day!

Come back tomorrow for some thoughts on No Other Gods.

Group hug.

Now get out there and make the most of Tuesday <3

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Love the pictures of Chicago, one of my favorite cities.

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