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Aaaannnndddd it’s a wrap….

Friday…what is it about this day?

A mini-holiday every week of the year, right?IMG_4040

So here are some thoughts to wind up the week…in no particular order…per usual….

I spent Thursday with this crew…


And we had a new development…

it seems the little one has figured out how to call shot-gun….IMG_3646


At nap time, I was reading a story to this one…IMG_3665and mid-story he told me to wait, cause his favorite song was playing on the iPod. “It’s called Oceans, Lola.” I told him it was a favorite of mine too.

As we listened he filled me in on his interpretation: “The girl who sings it thinks she’s all alone, but she really isn’t.”

No she isn’t. None of us are. <3

How does God pack that much wisdom in such a small space?IMG_3641

On Wednesday’s post I searched for a picture that I had seen in my photos to add to the “God sounds like….a violin played by the heart….”. Because I may have given birth to a girl who can do just that thing…

After (I kid you not) 2 and 1/2 hours of searching for the photo I had just seen earlier in the day that inspired that line…..

and NOT finding it on either computer when I went to write the post….

I just gave up and used something else…

and then Wednesday afternoon I was scrolling through pictures and…look what appeared again…IMG_1795AS the sound system was playing Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing with…

of course…a violin solo….<3

Last of all…thank you for your responses to yesterday’s post. Your kind words and encouragement are held close to my heart and you touched me deeply. For someone who has an irrational fear of the internet and social media and yet has been called to share my journey in such a public way…you bless me and I thank you for the safe space of friendship extended through your comments <3

So here is one of my favorite pictures recovered from the many boxes and remnants of their home…

a treasure to remind me of the love of my dad that more than made up for the hard parts of that season  <3


(please note…the bandaids on his fingers…like father, like daughter)

God bless each of you, and look what He put in the sky as I drove home…IMG_3709

The heavens are telling the glory of God; they are a marvelous display of His craftsmanship. Day and night they keep on telling about God. Without a sound or a word, silent in the skies, their message reaches out to all the world. Psalm 19: 1-3 TLB

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  1. Love you dear friend! I look forward to every day’s sharing. I know you will bless many in this new adventure that He has already planned for you!

    1. Thank you for taking time to encourage me Michelle. You know me and know how I can get side-tracked! I always need that great cloud of witnesses!! and you are in that group for me! thank you!!!

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