Ain’t it the truth…

Last week a couple of ladies were shopping in the store.

They were looking at some crosses in a basket that had caught the eye of one of them.

She sorted through them, trying to decide which one she wanted to purchase.

Together they were scrutinizing them, pointing out little irregularities or color variations on different ones.

And then one of them said…..


They are all kind of imperfect in a neat way.

And aren’t we all?

Our little quirks and nicks.

The way our life experiences have left marks and scars.

Basic wiring in us that is as unique as our fingerprints.

God’s work in us, not yet complete…

in fact…quite imperfect….

but in a neat way….

God bless you today as you are the reflection of Christ… in an imperfect but neat way  <3

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