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It’s not just the thought that counts….


Yummy, right?

Cranberry scones from the B & B in Hannibal….

Handcrafted deliciousness. Trust me.

But I didn’t ask for the recipe because I can tell you right up front – I would never mess with making them…

And that’s ok.  I know my limitations and I don’t mean cooking limitations, I mean interest in making scones limitations.

Which makes me think of the absolute sweetest text thread I was on recently with a bunch of ladies I probably know, but since they aren’t in my contacts… were just numbers on my phone.

One of our mutual friends was arranging meals for another friend; so it was a group request and I got to see a few answers. Chances are super good I know the person in real life that texted this, but to me she is anonymous…and precious…

The text basically said….I bless others by NOT cooking. However, we will be glad to deliver a pizza from restaurant of choice any night next week.

I LOVE it…because she could have taken a pass…I’m not a cook and I don’t cook for my own family so God must not be calling me to this one.

But no.

She saw the need…and the need wasn’t a home-cooked meal for our friend. It was a meal that she nor family would have to prepare. So a pizza delivered to the house worked fine.

Because she was honest and willing….another day’s meal was covered.

One of the sweetest things I remember someone bringing to our house during a time of upheaval was a box of bagels from Panera and a plastic container of cut up fruit from Sam’s. What a delightful luxury that was for us to snack on!

We have received wonderful homemade casseroles that nourished our bodies and our spirits. But we have also received gift cards to Monical’s, take out from Bob Evans, a purchased casserole from a specialty shop in Bloomington, a box of fried chicken from The Wagon and one time a couple that humbled themselves to accept our invite to stay and eat their delivered casserole with us, because what we really needed most was fellowship.

You don’t have to have great skills and an awesome account on Pinterest to minister.

You just have to have a willing spirit.

God bless you as you give from the heart to others <3


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