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It goes both ways…


We hear a lot about “foot washing” in the church. And quite honestly, I think the majority of people that I hang with in the Body get it.

We are foot washers extraordinaire.

Happy to take on menial tasks.

First in line to check the boxes on the volunteer sheet and then add, “But will do whatever is needed.”

However…sometimes we are not so good about letting someone wash our feet.

And you know, Jesus did both.

Before He washed the disciples feet, He let a woman who was not even welcomed as a guest to the party, wash His feet.

With her tears.

And dry them.

With her hair.


And so is letting other people do things for you.

Cause its easier and just seems “holier” to humbly serve than to crucify pride and be served.

A few weeks ago, Russ and I were busy packing for the funeral in Iowa, while preparing our home for overnight guests the day we returned. Sarah’s group and another trio were playing the Wild Flour and staying with us after the show.

We are, after all, the Reimer’s….who always manage to pack several life events into the shortest possible time frame.

So as I looked around the house and the disarray of three bedrooms that had become dumping grounds over the winter for all manner of treasures, keepsakes and my extensive collection of …ahem…reading material…I had no idea where to start.

I have a friend who cleans for fun, cleans to de-stress, and cleans to maintain order.

I, on the other hand, eat chocolate,  buy more supplies for crafts and wring my hands repeating “I don’t even know where to start….”.

She had offered to help in any way she could, and I knew exactly what she had that I needed.

So on her day off, she came over and in an hour and a half we had all three bedrooms looking snappy with clean sheets and order restored. We talked. We laughed. We conquered.

And I almost didn’t to it. I was almost too embarrassed to ask her for her help. It was….well…

A-W-K-W-A-R-D to make that call…

But I am so glad I did.

It IS a blessing to give…but, Church…it is also a blessing to RECEIVE.

We must learn to be willing to gratefully accept the service of love given to us by others.

God bless you as you find ways to wash feet, and grace to let others wash yours <3


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  1. it seems I have lost my toes with this one! I am finding it hard to cook with this cast. It’s been 5 weeks with 6 more to go. Do you think I’ve even asked for help? No! I somehow don’t want to put anyone out or be a burden to anyone. Silly as it seems, Ive been too proud and too stubborn! So glad to hear that you, however, listen to those promptings and are blest!

    1. Well, before anyone’s toes get stepped on, mine are black and blue…believe me. These things are written out of some hard learnings…I completely understand. This was one out time I swallowed my pride after many many times of not…even within our own family, I tend to want to do it all myself…and I may just be bringing something your way now that I know….=0)

  2. once again,great job! now,i’m accepting your gracious help!it won’t take you any time at all,to learn how to operate my john deere and not fall in the pond! lol your’e a peach,miss laura! : )

    1. You may want to rethink that…me and mowing are not a good combo…and if having a water hazard to miss in yard work is any thing like my golf game, you would definitely be looking at dredging the pond for your Deere. I seem to hit that which I hope to avoid when it comes to bodies of water. Glad it made you smile =0)

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