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The odd thing about being a private person who decided to share some of her most treasured thoughts on the internet is that there are those awkward times.

Times when it’s not  just me and what I am thinking and feeling, but I carry some precious hearts with me that may or may not like being exposed at tender times.

And this is a tender time for the family that took me in to their hearts and made me one of their own some 36 years ago.

So just briefly today, because I sense a closeness to the unknown faces on the other side of this screen who for some reason find something of value in the words I type and the pictures I post and the snippets of life and hope and Jesus that I try to share five days a week…give or take…

On Friday, Russ and I drove as fast as we could in hopes that we would make it in time to say goodbye to … dare I say…”our” dad.

And Marion Reimer, true to his gracious and kind heart to the very end…


patiently waited for us to join Russ’s brother and sister and our Sarah around his bed.

Gave us time to thank him for all the big and little ways he loved and supported us through the years.

Then with no drama or flare….

as quietly as he lived his life out before us…

he left us…

with his children gathered around him in a circle…

and me a grateful recipient of this family’s love…

leaning on the back of the man I am blessed to call my husband.


Thanks for sharing the journey with us…the good parts and the hard ones.

God bless each of you for your own tender hearts today –


wherever you are hurting…wherever you feel alone or forgotten…wherever you feel misunderstood…may you know today the very real Presence of our heavenly Father through His Son, Jesus Christ <3


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  1. Laura – we love you and your family so very much and hurt with you. It is so hard to say goodbye to a parent, and I know this man was truly one of yours.

    1. Thank you Betty. I think about Uncle Theron. He’s my only family left of that generation. It feels lonely. I know you understand. Thankful for Jesus love and tender holding of our hearts at times like this <3

  2. You have my deepest sympathy, Laura, Russ, and all of your family. I pray God’s comfort will hold you and His peace will carry you through this season of loss. God bless you all. What a wonderful family you have, and I know Russ’s dad was blessed by all of you.

    1. Thank you Susan. It has meant so much to Russ and to me to hear the kind words and assurance of prayers from friends. Truly we feel the carrying of those prayers <3

  3. You share your thoughts and feelings in such a beautiful way. So sorry for your loss. Praying that you feel God’s grace throughout this period of grief.

    1. I honestly can’t take credit…I pray and type…just a vessel…much of it reshaped many a time to be sure…thank you Nancy. So blessed by the love and support of so many kind people <3

  4. Thank you Laura for sharing, I know this was tough. Our prayer to you and Russ is your unfailing love for God will give you peace thru this difficult time

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