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And then there was light… Commemoration Week 2015

IMG_4425We got a new oven a while back. Actually we’ve had it for almost two
years now. The old one came with the house and had deteriorated over
time. The self-cleaning lock broke and it started cooking unevenly.
The oven light hadn’t worked for years.

Either that or it needed a bulb…now that I think about it…..

Anyway. It was time.

The new oven works great but I can not remember that I have an oven
light again. I will still open the door to check the appearance of
whatever is baking. Hot air billows out and I blink away the scorching
heat wondering if I have eyelashes and eyebrows or if they have
vaporized off my face.

And it’s not even like I think: HEY! I could have turned the oven
light on instead of subjecting my face to 350 degrees of radiating
heat. I’m smart like that…

So a few weeks ago, our daughter was here and as I went through my
routine of opening the door, jumping back, wiping my eyes…she asked
me why I don’t just turn the light on and look through the window.

Eureka! It was like the …well…the light went on for me…

It’s like Christmas every time I bake now. I still catch myself
reverting back to my old forgetful way, but as soon as I crack the
door and feel that familiar blast, I am reminded that there is a
better way.

I am doing a summer Bible study by Kelly Minter called “What Love Is”;
a study of 1,2 and 3 John. This week’s homework covered 1 John chapter

In the passages John talks about Jesus being light and truth, and
gives instruction about walking in that light and truth by walking
with Jesus.

To me this means that I choose every day to purposely remember that
God has put His light into me through Jesus and it is up to me to
operate with the light ON…

It affects all my choices and decisions,and I can trust that If I
intentionally remember to walk with Him, I will have light for my path
each day.

Just as things go better for me when I use the equipment available on
our stove, life goes better (NOT perfectly, and NOT pain free…but
infinitely, eternally BETTER) when I am equipped by the One who is

God bless you this week as you…journey onward… in the light of His Truth <3

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