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Another one in the books <3

So yesterday was my birthday and also one of our full days with the Fab Four so it was a roller coaster from the moment my feet hit the floor. 

Russ made it extra special with a cake and a trip to a kind of destination driving range.

Picture a bunch of little patio type arrangements where you can order pizza, hit balls off a square of astro turf, little hands pulling out multiple golf balls from two huge buckets, a driving range with funny cutouts all over the expanse that you can aim for…plus four kids wielding clubs like the final battle in Lord of the Rings all in said small enclosed space and you pretty much have a visual of my party. 

We had a lot of fun and no one was injured so it was awesome. 

The cake was beautiful.

The kids were all about making sure we got candles on it, and I must say it was a proud moment as Graham dug through his mother’s plastic ziplock bag of assorted candles…some previously lit…some brand new…all different colors and designs.

I raised her well and the really important lessons have stuck because I have a similar bag in our bakery cabinet and it mirrors the one my mom pulled out every birthday of my childhood…as well as our own kids when they were little and happened to be at her house for a birthday. 

He found a “6” and enthusiastically dug through some other numbers, but alas…no 3.

So true to his genes, he began to find three matching candles and proudly stuck them in the cake in a row following the 6. 

Not to be outdone, Caroline grabs the bag to pull out two more of her own choosing…which brought a rather lengthy and vigorous discussion of how that was not going to be right for Lola’s age. 

I intervened and offered to take a picture of the true and honest cake representing 63 and then we would let Caroline add her extra touch and we would take another picture of that. 

It seemed to be acceptable to all parties although there was still a bit of a sad look in Graham’s eye as he lit all the extra ones, because he knew in his heart I am not ready for medicare and candles don’t lie

…and they sang and we pulled out those candles to save for another day…and dined on cake.

There were texts and memes and Facebook kindness showered down to bless the day plus dinner with my birthday twin and her husband plus Tia called while I was putting Caroline down for nap and read us a story.

A delight for all of us.

Later last night John called and as we chatted he asked how it felt to be 63. 

Interesting question because I don’t really “feel” 63. I feel all the ages and stages I have been and my life just keeps filling up with more and more of all the good, bad and ugly that is life on planet earth. 

I don’t really feel older…just fuller and fuller…and not just of cake.

Full of emotions and full of wonder at all that has been the days and years of my life.

I have started projecting on how old I will be when various little people I love reach certain milestones…71 when Graham graduates high school….75 when Caroline is able to drive…and then I stop thinking about that at all.

Because when I am those ages…if still the Lord has plans for me here…I will probably be shaking my head saying how I can’t see how I am that old when I don’t feel any older inside.

And I will most likely look at photos of me and marvel that my face has aged even more and there will doubtless be aches and pains and deterioration that no one warned me about or I simply chose not to listen.

But inside, I know I will still feel all the ages I have been and I hope and I pray that I have grown in grace and mercy and love and that I will still be a tree firmly planted by streams of living water…that’s the goal anyway. 

Blessings my friends…this journey is made rich by the people we travel with and you all are some of the best <3

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