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Are YOU ready for the Kiss-cam?

IMG_4010I hope you are having a great week. I keep hearing that school is starting in some places in just two weeks. I suggest you plug your eyes and sing LaLaLa really loud so you can block it out!

This summer, Russ and I have been able to attend a couple of major league baseball games in cities besides St Louis. It’s fun to visit new stadiums and get the feel of the local fan base.


One element that is common at all parks, besides over-priced food and beverages, is the big screen feature. IMG_3501My favorite is when they pan the crowd during musical interludes or prompts like the Kiss-Cam.

I never tire of the reaction of people who are dancing, or staring off in the distance or making some team related motion and then catch sight of themselves on the big screen.IMG_3991

Eyes get big as they gasp and point to the screen.

Some will start jumping up and down like they are contestants on the Price is Right.

Some are embarrassed and immediately sit down.

Others in the vicinity will notice and begin waving at the screen.

But my favorite are the kids who just keep doing what they were doing to catch the camera’s attention but now they do it with a big smile on their faces.

Like…Mission Accomplished!

I wish I was more like that when I get caught achieving the goal I set out to do. I have a tendency to set high standards, work hard to complete the work..and then if it turns out and someone notices…I either get all off-track acting silly or get shy and quit.

But the things I do, I don’t do for me…or for my glory. The things I work hard to do are things I feel called to accomplish for an audience of One. And since He is excellent, I strive for excellence. And if I get noticed…then He gets noticed.IMG_3709

I think when I realize that being self-conscious is the same thing as being self-absorbed, I am beginning to take steps toward embracing what God wants to work in and through me…and I can be free to smile really big and keep on doing what He has called me to do so that He gets all the glory!

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