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Guest Post – Bump Ahead

Today you are hearing from a friend to many…IMG_3927Leslie Kent is known to so many in our community in her role as wife of our lead pastor, her prison ministry, and her work at NLPC. She is often asked to speak and sing at different events around the community and country. 

From the tiniest tot to the senior-ist saint and all ages, stages and conditions in between; we all affectionately call her “Ma Lamb” because she somehow manages to see all of us the way the Shepherd does…His little lambs. 

Les and I have been friends for 20 years now and her kind, generous and sweet nature have been a consistent source of encouragement to me every day. 

While we normally are blessed with her musical and speaking talents, today she is sharing a writing from her heart <3

BUMP AHEAD guest post and photos by Leslie Kent

Our world or at least our little part of the world is under road construction.unnamed Two lanes become one.

No one wants to let me in. Road traffic has slowed to a literal crawl while traffic lights cycle two or three times. The damage of winter weather and usage can take its toll on the condition of the road.

Crews work day and night in the heat and in rain (which has been frequent) repairing the places I frequent each day.

Recently I counted at least 100 “orange things” that were road constriction related in about a 2 mile stretch and that was not on the highway! Ugh😩

Sitting patiently (I jest) at a complete standstill I looked closely at the pot holes, cracks and condition of the roads being repaired. I thought about the “what if” they weren’t going to be repaired?

The damage to daily travelers could be severe and costly That idea took my mind and heart to a different place.

I’m a traveler in this world who thanks God daily for the way He speaks to me through events of life.

His voice speaks louder than the beeping of a construction vehicle in reverse. His Spirit penetrates to the core of my soul with more force than a jack hammer breaking through the cement of our streets.

Oh how I need repair.

Years ago I saw a sign on the side of the road while taking a road trip with my husband. It simply said, “BUMP AHEAD”.

I knew it was there to let the driver know that there was soon to be a bump in the road . . . there was.

Yet, there was no indication the bump or uneven place was in the process of being repaired then nor would it be in the future.

The sign wasn’t orange which meant this wasn’t a construction sight. It was just a regular sign to warn me about the location of the bump. It was such a bump that the sign would have better served the public if it had said “DRIVER BEWARE!”

So often my everyday life can be a mirror to the deep places of my heart and soul.unnamed-2

I too am under construction. The work crew is lead by a loving, “hands-on “ God who is not finished with me.

Being under construction can be painful, and oftentimes I just want the work done and finished.


I want to prematurely place a sign up and leave it to warn folks . . . THIS IS WHO I AM . . . unnamed-3THERE MAY BE A FEW BUMPS BUT GET OVER IT.

The cold winds of my flesh, the frozen places of my heart and the depth of my sin need daily attention for me to live as GOD directs. He’s the One who makes the rough places smooth, but only from the inside out.

God’s love is personal.

So from this work-in-progress person, to each of you: if you see me and I’m wearing “orange” I’m under construction.

May the One who began a good work in each of us be faithful to complete it until the day of Jesus Christ. Phil 1:6

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  1. Thanks Les! That spoke volumes to me!

    Laura, I too would like to be added to your list, thank you!

  2. Thanks Leslie.. Great metaphor … God is so willing to assist us make our way if we will just acknowledge and allow Him to do so!

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