Ash Wednesday 2014

Yesterday I downloaded a free Lent devotional book by Ann Voskamp. (You can find this on her site, A Holy Experience. It is at the bottom of a post written March 4th. It is over 40 pages and color pictures, but well worth it! Also it is only 17 days so you can use as you are led over the course of Lent)

I looked over the first day today and here is the response I wrote from my reflections on the Scripture. Genesis 3: 1-15

Where are you? Where are you, Laura? I have heard that voice calling me. I was afraid. They were afraid.

They did not fear. I did not fear. We were afraid.

There is a difference.

When we hide from God because of our sin, we are not fearing Him in awe and reverence. We are afraid of Him. We are afraid because sin has blinded our eyes to who He is.

The greatest tragedy of sin’s deception is that it blinds us to who He is.

He is….

the One who made us

the One whose idea we are

the One who loves us

the One who, alone, can cover us….restore us….redeem us….

Sin pushed Adam and Eve into hiding from the only One who can help.

Sin pushed Adam and Eve into thinking they could fix things for themselves.

Oh, I have been there. Crouching in the trees, wrapped in a poorly made skirt of fig leaves, hearing Him call and thinking…..just a minute….please….I almost have myself pulled together….

Thank You for Your infinite love and grace and mercy, Lord. Thank You that You know what I am made of and You love me. Thank You <3


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