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Because it is Friday…

Here are three quick and unrelated thoughts to finish the week…because…


random might be my middle name.

So, as always, in no particular order….

On the subject of prayer and relationships…I can give personal testimony that on numerous occasions talking God’s ear off about a situation in the spiritual realm worked wonders, literally, in the physical realm.

I have seen potential arguments dissipate, attitudes do a 180…(particularly mine), mistakes redeemed, forgiveness happen.

It is not easy (in fact, it is the hardest work you can imagine) but it is far better to work things out with God in prayer and let Him work things out in the relationships you are struggling with.

Think of the ice berg principle….what is visible on the surface should be undergirded with massive amounts of prayer.


Second, I face-timed with this one this morning…


and this cracks me up…but he’s sitting there eating his breakfast and asks me to “take him upstairs”…so of course…I carry the phone all the way upstairs and to whatever room he wanted me to go to.

Hey Emmett…what is that wrapped around your little finger? Oh…it’s me…


And last of all….I told you about reading more Scripture yesterday.

I have been focusing on the last seven Psalms this week thanks to a suggestion from my morning devotions.

I also told you I have been reading the Contemporary English Version and I LOVE God’s timing because just as we brace ourselves for another “winter mix” …

here is what I have been reading every day….

As soon as God speaks the earth obeys. He covers the ground with snow like a blanket of wool, and he scatters the frost like ashes on the ground.


God sends down the hailstones like chips of rock. Who can stand the cold?


At his command the ice melts, the wind blows,


streams begin to flow.IMG_1828 Psalm 147 15-18 CEV

It is winter…but spring will come.

We can apply that truth to seasons that are hard and cold…for whatever reason…He has allowed it as part of His plan…and when it is time….IMG_8893He will make all things beautiful again.

When we are going through some of the roughest of spiritual winters…

we must hold on…

spring IS coming…IMG_3067

Have a blessed weekend…and I will see you on Monday <3


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