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Because sometimes we just need tender mercies…

IMG_5602Have you ever had “seasons” of life that just seem to wear on  you a bit?

Like you reach a point where you wonder if maybe you have already seen the grand finale and now you’re just kind of left to pack up your yard chairs and your bug spray and head to the car in the dark for the long ride home?

(Okay…at this point everyone who is super close to me is getting all worried about me…I’m okay. I’m upright and breathing and we have a lot of good stuff on the horizon…I’m just saying…it happens…so go with it….)

In those seasons: when your prayers are kind of more whimpers than powerful, fist pumping dialogues with the spiritual forces…

when you’re putting a whole lot of faith in verses like 2 Corinthians 12:9 and how His strength is made perfect in our weakness…

and you are counting on the promise that He won’t snuff out a smoldering wick..

and you can totally identify with David’s cries of asking how long, O Lord….

those seasons….

which are sometimes a half day and sometimes stretch on for  years and sometimes overlap with other seasons…

It is in those seasons that I have found that God’s mercies come in gentle ways when we are most fragile.

And I think of the kindness of God to factor in our depleted state and send tender reminders of His love when we feel most vulnerable.

I think it is indicative of His considerate nature that He, who is able to move mountains and calm raging seas, will plop a butterfly down at the side of the road as a weary traveler passes by to simply say…

I love you, child of mine <3

I pray today…if you are full out ready for a Shout to the Lord blowout celebration or if you are needing to know His gentle hand on your shoulder….

I pray…

you sense His presence, His acceptance, His unconditional love….

right where you are…

right in the way that speaks directly to you….as you…journey onward <3

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  1. I really needed this today. Thanks. It has been one of those seasons this past week. I have been saying, “I trust you God”, a lot and that is calming.

    1. I keep running across the scripture where Jesus is at Lazarus’ tomb in John 11:40, He says “Didn’t I not say to you, if you would believe you would see the glory?” And I think … I want to trust You…I want to see the glory of God! And you have captured that commitment…to trust God…just trust God! It makes no sense in the middle of the storm…but if you will trust Him…you will see His glory <3

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