Say “Ahhhhh…..”

Well friends, I am off to the dentist in a little while.

Which ranks on my list of favorite things to do just a few notches above donating blood.


Somehow the thought of the chair, two hands and various tools digging around in my  mouth, the TV they have right in front of my face to keep me entertained, the heavy lead cover, those awful hunks of plastic that make me gag…all of it…no thank you.

But I know I need to go…so go, I will.

And the worst part will be the effort the hygienist will put into scraping the plaque off the backsides of my teeth.


Because despite my best efforts to floss and brush…invariably there will be build up that requires her skill and my surrender.

I try to live life with daily soul maintenance involved as well.

I apply the disciplines of study and prayer…attend church regularly…carry on a fairly constant flow of communication throughout each day with Jesus.

I am quicker to repent than I used to be and am learning to be more God-aware and less me-focused.

But I still build up spiritual plaque.

And submitting the deeper and more private parts of me to His expert skill is best done for me in setting aside time to just sit alone in His Presence.

Not running to Him with requests, but presenting myself before Him and then letting Him work.


The tools He uses in my life for the purpose of exposing stains from every day life that have built up in me include …

His Word – the Bible

Songs and hymns I have collected over time that turn my heart to Him in worship

The Valley of Vision – Prayers of the Puritans

Prayers that Avail Much  by Germaine Copeland

and time…

unhurried time where I just come with all of me and lay it out before Him.

I am ever surprised by what He finds…and how tenderly He cleanses away the filth of life.

He is faithful and gentle and true.

God bless you today to find a quiet place to pour out yourself so that you can receive more of Him <3





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    1. One of His many kindnesses as He bids us to come and then we find out…it was for our good that He called us <3

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