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Shall we bow our heads?

Unless God reveals to me some purpose that He has hidden thus far, I have no moral to the following story.

It is simply a slice of my life, which for some reason is always stranger than fiction, and seems to give a lot of you a good laugh.

And as I look around, I can’t think of a better gift to give you than a good laugh….so here goes….

On Monday, I decided to take an old fashioned Prayer Walk.

I had a lot of things on my mind and so, without a cell phone or iPod shuffle – I headed out for a “walking and talking” with God in the beauty and warmth of a perfect Autumn afternoon.

With arms waving and mouth going, anyone who passed must have assumed I had a blue tooth connected to my ear…or an imaginary friend.

On my return home; as I walked in the front door, the phone was ringing.

The Red Cross. Of course. Reminding me that I was due for a blood donation. Anybody remember last week’s note? How they had canceled the drive but didn’t tell me?

As I was letting the caller know that I HAD gone to my appointment, blah, blah, blah….I felt this THING in the back of my hair.

I could feel it crawling, most likely trying to free itself from the web of product that gives me the illusion of hair.

So mid-explanation to the Red Cross representative, I began yowling that I have something in my HAIR!!!! and yes…of course…explaining how I had been for a walk and something must have followed me in the house, and I hope it’s not a wasp, and …. other panic driven words as I frantically danced around the kitchen swatting the back of my head.

And then. Calm. It seemed my hair was free of the intruder and, yet, as I tried to recover my dignity over the phone, I couldn’t see ANYTHING flying around.

OK. Yes, I also reported this to Phone-Guy as well.

He was politely sympathetic in a distant sort of way. I think he may have been busy jotting notes on my file.

I hastily made a new appointment for a donation and hung up. Still no sign of anything flying around. Weird.

Then on Tuesday night, Russ and I were at the table getting ready to eat our dinner. He said our thanks and we began to eat.

As I lifted the first fork of food to my mouth, my eyes rested on the chair across the table from me.

Perched on the top of it, looking back at me was….I kid you not…. a praying mantis.

A PRAYING mantis…..

I am pretty sure that is what rode in on the back of my head following my prayer walk AND showed up visibly, finally, as Russ said our dinner prayers.

I found this hilarious.

Russ calmly evicted my prayer partner from the premises and looked at me with that “How did I not notice this about you when we were dating?” look.

That look tends to make me laugh even harder.

I wish I had some wise and poignant message to tie this up with, but I will leave that to you today.

However, I do PRAY that God shows up at your table or gets in your hair or does whatever it takes to let you know today…..

He loves YOU <3 He hears YOU <3 He is for YOU <3 He is with YOU <3

Sorry there isn’t a picture, but I was laughing too hard and well, dinner was getting cold….

God bless you all!!


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