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Best Day Ever….early St. Patty’s edition…


Because apparently someone needed to indoctrinate these boys into all things ….


Ok. Ok.

To be fair their mom did buy them shirts, but still…


I was a bit alarmed when Graham asked me what a shamrock is.

We took care of that as Lola launched into a mini-lecture on Ireland and how great holidays are where you don’t have to actually buy presents and you can just dye regular foods green.

We made cupcakes …

green of course…


crafted with stickers…


and then distributed these beauties throughout the house.

You’re welcome, dear daughter and son-in-law <3

In other news…Emmett wanted to play a rousing game of hide and seek…fourteen times…


which was hard to fake as challenging since he hid behind this chair all fourteen times AND called out suggestions of where he might be so that Joel and I could say….”I wonder if he is in….” as we looked in every room and closet in the house.

Fourteen times.

He also showed me how useful the child safety locks are.

After unfastening several, he demonstrated ….



and how you can use them to aid in OPENING….those pesky doors….


He also managed to take one of the best pictures of me I have seen in awhile…


fourteen times…

so all in all…

D7F5C32C-2C02-482B-A276-52BD78DD2415 (1)

Best. Day. Ever.

PS…If Tuesday’s post drew you to this site and you thought you could come here and get deep wisdom on a regular basis…let me apologize.

You never know what you are going to get when you visit Journey Onward…but you can always count on it being real, being me and hopefully it’s like a quick chat with a good friend.

Hopefully it makes you laugh … or cry… or both.

Hopefully you will come back…

God bless you with a great weekend. I’ll see you Monday <3

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