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Breakfast anyone?

I don’t know if this happens to any of you, but sometimes I playback a day or an event in my head like I was a coach watching films from the game Friday night. I analyze everything about all the things I did wrong…and then I give myself a good tongue lashing. I bemoan my tendency to talk too much, express opinions at whim and use humor inappropriately just to get a laugh.

It’s ugly.

So this happened to me recently and as I have been having a lot of teachings about bringing such thoughts before God and asking what He thinks, I boldly took all my gaffs and flaws and laid them right out there before Him in full view.

And then I just braced myself for what He would say.

I fully expected a holy tirade; a wise and just upbraiding for my tendency to talk too much and think too little.

And instead, I heard…Be still…

Be still?

Yes….be still….so I was.

And the next thing that came to mind was a picture of Jesus on the shore, post resurrection, cooking up fish for some weary disciples who had messed up badly.

And He didn’t berate them. He didn’t chastise them. He didn’t go into a full scale, detailed critique of their failure.

He made them breakfast.


He called to them and asked them, “Children, have you any food?” John 21: 5

And He instructed them about where to cast their nets, and told them to bring it on  in and then He fed them. And restored them.

And then He sent them out to fish…for men…

That’s how He is. That’s what He does.

I pray today that in whatever way you need His restoration, His feeding, His love – that you will feel it, know it, believe it, receive it <3

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  1. Just this morning I was going over all of my faults with God. I don’t always read these on the day they come out, but just happen to today. A WORD from God through Laura-I think so. Thanks Laura, for listening to The Father and passing it on! Love you

    1. His Word is always right and right on time for when we need it! I will let an email devotion pass for a few days, and then when I open it — it is right what I needed to hear, right when I needed to hear it. If He is speaking through me, hallelujah!!!!! love you dear one <3

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